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Eat Fiber For A Happy Poop And Easy Weight Loss

The average person holds 2.5 ounces to 1 pounds of poop, but doing number two won’t lead to weight loss. Instead of trying to poop all day, eat more fiber to aid bowel movements and weight loss. Some of the best sources are fresh fruits and veggies. If you can, leave them unpeeled because most of the fiber resides in the skin. Go for beans, which are packed with both fiber and protein, and whole grains.
Practicing An Attitude Of Gratitude Can Drastically Change The Way We Perceive Our Lives

Five Ways An Attitude Of Gratitude Can Change The Way You Live

Many of us live believing that we are entitled to get certain things from our lives. These things may be our dream job, a...

7 Buddhism Teachings That Can Lead To A More Balanced Life

Buddhism has attracted people from various cultures since ancient times mainly because it offers a practical philosophy for living rather than giving diktats to...
how to massage your baby

How To Massage Your Baby: A Step-By-Step Routine For A Happy, Healthy Baby

Massaging your baby can help you bond better and provide emotional as well as physical benefits. Use olive oil or coconut oil and glide your fingers in slow, firm strokes over your baby’s body. Start with the feet, go up the legs, and across the hips. Then work down from the baby's shoulders to the chest and down their arms. Massage your baby’s tummy using circular motions in a clockwise direction.
Our hormonal health must be kept in check so that we stay happy

7 Steps To Keep Your Hormones In Check And Find Happiness

Every fertile woman on earth goes through that time every month when anger, irrationality, irritation, exhaustion, depression, and anxiety, all of them work together...

The Key To Happiness Lies In Being A Child Again

Sometimes we get so busy adulting and being responsible, we forget about enjoying the simple pleasures in life – like we used to as children. Finding your inner child is a good way to de-stress your mind. You can do this by indulging in activities such as watching cartoons, indulging yourself in a little bit of coloring, or playing board games with your friends and family.
Happier People May Be Healthier

Does Happier Mean Healthier?

Happiness is a positive state of mind experienced by different people in different ways. For many people, it is an ideal state of existence...

Six Pointers To Lead A Happier Lifestyle

If you’ve lived an entire lifetime not having wondered what happiness is even once, then perhaps you have lived a truly happy life. Most...

Lose Weight The Healthy And Happy Way

With the unfortunate rise in the number of health issues and more awareness regarding weight and its relation with a person’s health and body,...

6 Reasons For You To Have One More Baby Now

Pregnancy comes with a lot of aches and pains. Having another baby while taking care of your first kid will make it all the...

Look Younger With A Little Bit Of Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium chloride is a naturally occurring mineral that can be ingested as a supplement or applied externally. Recent studies have shown that it can help you look and feel younger. It repairs skin and fights skin aging. It decreases inflammation and restores moisture in the skin. It boosts metabolism, regulates insulin, and lowers blood sugar levels. It fights chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression. It also alleviates hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause.

5 Things Women Seek In A Happy Relationship

Women and men in relationships seek a lot different things. In lots of relationships, women often feel that they are getting the raw end...

5 Simple Things You Can Do To Boost Your Shattered Self-Esteem

Modern times come with a lot of emphasis on superficial elements. The real things in recent times can take a back seat sometimes. We...
There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Single

Being Single: Associated Stereotypes And How To Look Beyond Them

It’s true that human beings are social animals who desire intimacy and companionship but this does not imply that if you’re single and prefer...
Your health journey will have lots of twists and turns)

5 Things That People With Chronic Illness Should Understand

Since our food habits and our lifestyles are getting unhealthier day by day, it has become almost impossible not to fall prey to various...