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What Are Common Causes Of Hair Loss And Graying?

In consultation with CureJoy expert Janardhana Hebbar: Causes of Hair Loss and Graying: 1. People who suffer perpetually from cold are more susceptible to get grey...
Ayurvedic Guidelines To Prevent Hair Loss And Gray Hair

7 Ayurveda Tips To Prevent Hair Loss And Graying

Premature hair graying and hair loss are a result of pitta imbalance. Besides eating copper-rich foods and avoiding spicy, oily, and refined ones, you should cleanse, massage, and condition your hair daily. Make sure you clean your comb twice a week. Treat cold, sinusitis, and digestive issues, all of which lead to hair graying. Try panchakarma therapy and yoga.
How to Regrow Lost Hair

How to Regrow Hair Using Natural Ways?

Head massage with almond/olive oil can improve blood circulation and removes toxins from the scalp. Rubbing your fingernails against each other promotes strengthens and promotes hair growth. Flax seeds has omega-3, calcium, magnesium and amino acids that makes hair strong. Amla is high on Vitamin C and amino acids which are god again.
How Turmeric Tea Benefits Your Health.

The Amazing Healing Health Benefits Of Turmeric Tea.

Drinking tea is always associated with a feeling of relaxation and enjoyment. In fact, how many of us enjoy tea just for instant rejuvenation and...

Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss? What Science Says

No, masturbation does not cause hair loss. Other factors like age, genes, stress, and high DHT hormone levels do. Though ejaculation increases DHT, which shortens both the hair follicle and the growth phase of hair, science has found no link between hair loss and masturbation. That masturbation causes hair loss is a myth probably invented to keep self-love a taboo.
Magical Ayurvedic Herbs To Prevent Hairfall.

Ayurvedic Herbs To Prevent Hair Loss And Premature Graying

Hair loss and premature graying are the most prominent hair-related issues we face today. Most of us end up with these problems at a young age. Before going for any cosmetic remedies, try these Ayurvedic herbs. These simple home remedies will give you thick luscious hair without any side effects.
Top 11 Food Tips To Stop And Even Reverse Hair Fall.

11 Foods For Healthy And Natural Hair Growth

Diet to Reverse Hair Loss In The Pursuit Of The "Perfect" Look The desire for achieving ethereal beauty has been one of the pursuits in human evolution. As...