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The Importance Of Gratitude In Our Lives

Being grateful – in an overwhelming situation or when you are not at your best – is not easy. But if you can control your emotions and express your gratitude, then life can turn positively towards you. Gratitude effectively increases happiness, reduces depression, improves quality of sleep, self-confidence, and mental health, helps lower blood pressure, and makes us happier, optimistic, and less self-centered.

12 Tips To Start Your Day With A Positive Attitude

It's difficult to begin your day on a positive note, especially if you're not a morning person. By performing simple stretches and going out for a quick run, you can increase your endorphin level and begin the day feeling pumped up and happy. It also helps to organize your day beforehand and put your thoughts out on a piece of paper. Additionally, express gratitude – it'll make you feel thankful and positive.

The Importance Of Starting Your Day Well

Our activities and endless work keep us productive and functioning, but our minds stressed and overloaded – which is not healthy for us. To start your day positively, stretch your body to prevent injury and be gratitude – find the heartfelt connection. Express your real feelings and connect to yourself. Recall your dreams and note those to learn more about yourself. Just after you wake up, find a quiet place, sit back, and breathe. Also, make a realistic to-do list for the day. This sets a sense of achievement.

5 Effective Ways To Improve Your Mental Health

Mental health is an important aspect of our daily life. To be self-compassionate – value yourself, avoid self criticism, and set realistic goals. Adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy, exercising, and getting sleep. Be grateful for everything you have. Follow stress-relieving techniques: practice mindfulness, do yoga, meditate, and breathe gently. If things get too much to handle, ask for help and don't hesitate to go to a therapist. These ways are quite effective in improving your mental health.

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5 Ways To Help Women Live A Life On Purpose

For every woman, living life on purpose will not only give you the energy and motivation to realize your hopes and dreams, but will translate to better well-being for you and your family. Begin your journey of self discovery by building faith in your personal power, having patience and acceptance with yourself, and developing a practice of prayer and gratitude.

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Holiday Stress: 12 Ways To Restore And Recharge Your Spirit!

Do you get stressed-out and depressed around the holidays? These 12 tips will keep you from going over the "stress edge" and actually enjoy the holidays!

3 Ways To Control Your Negative Thoughts

Cancel-reset-replace technique helps control your unwanted, negative thoughts. The journey of mental transformation happens when you know your thoughts, reset them and give a lot of gratitude. These simple but effective steps will erase all negativity which can give more happiness, health and well-being.

5 Tips To Accelerate Joy, Wellness, And Peace In Your Life!

Whether you pray, meditate or both, give yourself at least 30 mins of "quiet time" everyday. It will help you regain your energy, balance, and perspective amidst the hectic pace of everyday life. Seek activities like getting out in the sun, doing yoga, or sharing a good laugh with friends. This will help you relax, paving the way to a vibrantly happy and healthy life.

6 Ways To Achieve Spiritual Wellness After 40

Start your day by reading positive, inspirational quotes, and scriptures. Connect with nature; learn to love yourself and practice gratitude for what you have. Take 5 mins a day to ponder, pray, and meditate on a word or an affirmation, or perhaps just sit quietly and let that inner voice speak to you. Embark on a quest to add meaning and purpose to your life - today!

30 Ways To Relax Your Mind And Nourish Your Soul

Practice meditation; focus on your feelings, identify the negative ones, and let them go. Play with the pets, go for a walk, and observe nature to clear your mind. Do some gratitude list making and be thankful for what all you have. Take a bubble bath, paint nails or if you are agitated, shadow box. Retire to a quiet nook to knit, listen to calming music, or solve a crossword.

5 Ways To De-Stress And Kick-Start Your Morning

A positive start to your day can propel you through your daily humdrum. Begin with a prayer, thanking your Creator for all that you have. It will help calm you. Hold a few stretches and take some deep breaths to warm your body up and get your blood pumping. Subsequently, drink an 8 oz glass of lemon or mint water to rejuvenate. Logically prioritize your top 5 tasks for the day.
10 Reasons To Embrace And Love The Aging Process

10 Reasons To Embrace And Love The Aging Process

As you age, you become wiser and make better decisions based on your experiences. You start to listen to your inner voice, start knowing and doing the things you love and value the power of silence and gratitude. You accept that nothing stays forever and start living in the present moment. As you lose people around you, you treasure life and look at it as a blessing.
meditation for healing

Nourish Your Mind And Spirit – Meditation For Healing

Starting your day with a short, easy meditation session can bolster your attitude. Don't rush to reach somewhere but search for beauty in things you see and hear as you travel. Express inner gratitude for sacrifices made by others to feed and nourish your spirit. Recall reasons why you love your dear ones and tell them you love them at every moment possible.