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The Effects Of Financial Stress On Your Heart And 6 Ways To Overcome Them

"Money, money, money. Must be funny. In a rich man’s world." Truer words haven’t been sung. ABBA definitely knew what they were talking about. Mortgages, credit card debts,...

Here’s Why Hugging At Night Can Save Your Relationship

Hugging might seem simple, but it can stop your relationship from falling apart. It increases relaxation and lowers blood pressure, making both people less likely to take out stress on each other. Physical contact also releases oxytocin, a neuropeptide that increases trust and gratitude. A hug is also a chance to disconnect from the outside world and focus on each other. For people with low self-esteem, hugging controls irrational fear and worry.

7 Ways To Mentally Detox In 5 Minutes

Before starting the day, take 5 minutes to detox your mind. Head outside and get a breath of fresh air. Meditate and stretch to ease stress, anxiety, and tension. Avoid getting lost on your phone and let the morning unfold naturally. To improve mindfulness and awareness, practice gratitude by writing down what you are thankful for. It’ll also help to drink water and eat a nutritious breakfast to support mental health.

5 Ways To Reinvigorate Your Love For Life

In this world of rat race, routine becomes a norm for most of us. And that sense of recurring routine can make us feel...

Are You Experiencing Menopause Or Just Chronic Stress?

The signs of menopause and chronic stress are similar – chronic muscle pain, respiratory issues, heart problems, digestion-related gastrointestinal issues, and hormonal imbalances. To reduce stress and manage it better, eat a wholesome diet, get enough sleep, keep a to-do list, give gratitude, and take the help of your friends and family.
6 Ways To Regain Control Over Your Life And Emotions

6 Ways To Regain Control Over Your Life And Emotions

Happy, inspirational reminders to yourself can help you have a more positive day. Keeping a journal can help you understand yourself better and can even help you let go of the past so you can move on to happier days. Taking steps to improve oneself professionally or personally, volunteering, and looking for a silver lining in every dark cloud can also help you embrace a more positive outlook on life.
Practicing An Attitude Of Gratitude Can Drastically Change The Way We Perceive Our Lives

Five Ways An Attitude Of Gratitude Can Change The Way You Live

Many of us live believing that we are entitled to get certain things from our lives. These things may be our dream job, a...

How To Rewire Your Brain To Stop Worrying

You are sitting in a diner with your friends and they are talking and having fun but you cannot stop worrying about something that...

Self-Care Routine For A Healthy Body, Mind And Soul

We live fast paced lives in a fast-paced world. We often find it hard to slow down after living a fast life. And for...
Happy couples know a thing or two about maintaining a good relationship.

5 Secrets That Every Happy Couple Knows

Does it feel like you're seeing happy couples everywhere you go, but you're struggling with your relationship? Of course, a lot of people seem...

9 Lessons You Learned In Kindergarten That Stand You In Good Stead Even Now

If you think the years you spent in kindergarten were just a foundation for your future education alone, you are wrong. You, in fact,...
Writing comes with great benefits

5 Psychological Benefits Of Writing

Writing is one of the most underrated art forms. There is surely respect and enjoyment in writing, but it never has the same flair...
Even a simple "thank you" can raise motivation levels.

The Psychological Benefits Of Gratitude And Appreciation At The Workplace

A Simple 'Thank You' Can Work Wonders It is often said that people leave their managers, and not their company. Most people don't like the...
Benefits of writing a diary

7 Great Benefits You’ll Get From Maintaining A Journal

The concept of journaling and all its benefits apply to all ages of people. Evoking mindfulness, being more self-confident, and being able to solve problems more efficiently are just a few benefits of keeping a diary. Depending on the kind of goal you want to achieve, you can choose to keep a food, fitness, gratitude, recovery or even a memory journal. Remember that patience and consistency are key in forming new habits before you’re able to start reaping the benefits.

6 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself When Battling Depression

More people have reported being anxious and depressed right now than any other time in history. Today, there is more space and acceptance for...