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Managing Neuropathy With Essential Oils

Neuropathy: What Exactly Is It? Neuropathy is a painful illness that occurs when our peripheral nervous system is damaged. The peripheral nervous system connects nerves...
9 Natural Remedies That Can Ease Your Loose Bowels

9 Natural Remedies To Treat Diarrhea

Diarrhea can be treated with natural approaches. Yogurt can improve gut health and soothe diarrhea symptoms. Apple and blackberry juices are an effective remedy for children with diarrhea. Carrots and brown rice can add bulk to the stools. Nutmeg in milk may be good for those who are not allergic to milk. Other effective remedies include wild geranium, chamomile tea, and black tea.

8 Beautiful Flowering Plants That Are Super Easy To Grow

Flower gardens are great because not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they force you to get outdoors and do some mild exercise. This provides a great stress buster. They provide a great view outside your window as well. Flowers that are easy to grow include sunflowers, marigolds, zinnias, pansies, begonias, geraniums, morning glories, and sweet peas. Plant your own to see the difference.

Try These 7 Best Essential Oils For Headaches

Every day, millions of people suffer from headaches due to various causes like allergies, stress, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, poor posture, fatigue, substance abuse, and nutritional deficiencies....

Essential Oils For Women Health

Women face a wide range of unique health concerns related to birth; birth control; sexually transmitted disease (STDs); breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and other...

8 Essential Oils To Cleanse The Mind, Body And Soul

Essential oils provide a natural approach to grooming, healing and your overall well-being. Essential oils have therapeutic properties that can be incorporated into your...

Essential Oils: Uses, Benefits, And A Bit Of Caution

Essential oils like Geranium, Lavender Peppermint, Rosemary and Tea Tree Oil work as anti-depressants, aphrodisiacs, and antiseptics. Use in baths, as a compress, mouth wash, or massage oil. Use pure oils and avoid synthetic fragrances. Keep away from children, light and heat. Smell in a well-ventilated area. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and broken skin. Avoid self medication and dilute before use.