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5 Most Common Digestive Ailments That You Should Know About

Digestive ailments are very common in people nowadays. Changing food habits, dependency on fast foods, lack of exercise and rest are all increasingly adding...

Common Digestive Problems And Ways To Treat Them

Digestive problems can affect the quality of your lifestyle and reduce the nutrient intake. Peptic ulcers, celiac disease, diverticulitis, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and constipation are common problems that affect the digestive system. While prescription drugs are usually used to treat them, drinking enough water, high-fiber intake, and exercising every day can prevent and treat them. Ensure that you seek medical help at the earliest when you notice symptoms like gas, bloating, acid reflux, and stomach pain.
Dry heaving is a temporary urge to vomit without any physical ability.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Dry Heaving

Dry heaving or retching can be quite painful on the body as well as the mind. It is often a temporary urge to vomit...

6 Causes Of Flatulence : Frequent Passing Of Gas

If you pass gas over 20 times a day, you could be affected by flatulence or excessive air buildup within your body. One of the reasons for excessive gas is eating fibrous foods, aerated beverages, and fruits high in fructose. Swallowing too much air is another cause. You could also feel bloated and gassy if you suffer from conditions like the IBS or GERD. Sometimes, gas can also be the side-effect of certain medication.
Reasons why you feel nauseous after eating.

7 Reasons Why You Feel Nauseous After Eating

Nausea is an uncomfortable and frustrating condition. What's worse? It's hard to tell what exactly caused it. However, if you often feel queasy after eating, the following factors might have caused it. Food poisoning causes stomach ache, dizziness, and chills. Stomach ulcer causes a dull burning pain in the stomach. GERD causes heartburn, while gallstones cause abdomen pain. Heat stress, cyclic vomiting syndrome, and pregnancy are other possible causes of nausea.

5 Common Signs Of GERD To Watch Out For

You may choose to ignore symptoms like heartburn, indigestion, and chronic cough. But did you know that these can be your body’s warning signals for GERD? Occurring on their own or along with chest pain or difficulty in swallowing commonly veers toward a GERD diagnosis. So watch out for these symptoms and seek help at the right time as an untreated disease can lead to many other complications, including cancer.
Chest pain could be caused by different reasons in athletes

How Does Exercising Cause Chest Pain In Teen Athletes?

Chest pain is scary, but it isn’t always caused by a heart attack. Non-heart related conditions can affect both teen athletes and adults. Chest wall pain, or costochondritis, happens after trauma or strenuous activity. Asthma is another common reason. In teens, respiratory infections like bronchitis or pneumonia may cause chest pain. Strains can stretch or tear tendons, while GERD causes painful heartburn. Before starting an intense exercise program, consult your doctor.
home remedies for indigestion

5 Best Home Remedies For Indigestion (Dyspepsia)

The easiest home remedy for indigestion is adding ginger, fennel, caraway, and honey to your regular dishes or making a tea with them. Eat several small meals and chew the food well. Keep your head elevated with two pillows while sleeping. Stay off coffee and cola, quit smoking and alcohol, and lose weight. Boost up your digestion with yoga poses like the hero pose, wind releasing pose, and upward stretched leg pose, and if stress is causing your indigestion, do breathing exercises also.
home remedies for heartburn and acid reflux

14 Natural Home Remedies For Heartburn, Acid Reflux, And GERD

Home remedies using natural products are the best way to keep away from medicines as much as possible. For acid reflux, heartburn, GERD, and the resulting symptoms, home remedies include probiotics, aloe vera juice, antioxidants, apple cider vinegar, mastic, vitamin supplements, and more. Along with these, ensure that you follow a healthy lifestyle with healthy foods.

Can Coffee Cause Nausea?

Pop-quiz. Which is the world's most widely used psychoactive stimulant? If you answer is caffeine, you're spot on! Caffeine is the world's most widely used...
spicy foods during pregnancy

Why You Should Avoid Spicy Food During Pregnancy

Pregnancy induces a wariness and caution toward what you eat, drink, and do. A similar feeling and myth surround spicy foods during pregnancy. But the fact is, spicy foods are mostly harmless and can be unhealthy only if you're allergic to them, if you feel morning sickness or nausea after smelling or eat them, or if you've always been sensitive to such foods.

What Can Cause Difficulty In Swallowing (Dysphagia)?

Dysphagia can be caused by GERD that results from stomach acids entering the esophagus, causing ulcers and esophageal narrowing. Overly active spasmodic muscles in the esophagus, tumors and bone spurs that cause the esophagus to contract, autoimmune diseases like polymyositis and Sjogren’s syndrome, or strokes can also be possible causes of throat pain.

Acid Reflux: Causes And Cure

Acid reflux is a common problem and can very strongly hinder your day-to-day activities. There are several tips and tricks to prevent and cure heartburn. Consuming probiotics, avoiding stressful activity before bed, skipping coffee, chewing gum, wearing loose clothes, avoiding mint after meals, and acupressure are simple yet effective ways to avoid and relieve yourself of heartburn.
5 Symptoms and Natural Treatments of Abdominal Pain

5 Symptoms And Natural Treatments For Abdominal Pain

1. Indigestion: Can be cured with ginger juice with honey and cumin seeds. 2. Food Poisoning: Buttermilk with a pinch of salt is a easy remedy. 3. Constipation: Consume green leafy vegetables and fiber rich food. 4. Urinary Tract Infection: Plenty of water is a good remedy. 5. Menstrual Cramps: A milk decoction of Asparagus racemosus can help.