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5 Superfoods Which Every Man Needs In His Diet To Be Healthy

A healthy life comes from correct exercise and the right diet along with important lifestyle changes that reduce the risk of chronic or fatal...
Garlic can be potent backpain remedy

How To Use Garlic As A Remedy For Back Pain

Garlic contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce pain. It also has antioxidants like selenium and thiacremonone which help fight free radicals that cause damage and inflammation. Garlic may also have hypotensive effects. This can counter the effect of over the counter painkillers that can cause a spike in blood pressure. Garlic can be consumed raw in minced form or infused with oil to make a topical application.
This mixture can be used to treat many health conditions

Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, And Honey: An All Round Remedy

This recipe combines garlic, honey and apple cider vinegar, all three of which have amazing properties. Garlic and honey, both have cancer-fighting elements. Garlic and apple cider vinegar can both help reduce cholesterol levels. The probiotic properties of raw honey and the acetic acid in the vinegar can help aid digestion. Blend all these ingredients together and consume two teaspoons of this mixture daily.
Top 10 Comfort Foods To Eat When You Are Sick

Top 10 Comfort Foods To Eat When You Are Sick

A common cold or an upset stomach can wreak havoc with our systems. Often, we hear people complaining that they have no appetite when they are sick. However, it's extremely important to keep in mind that a diet with a lot of nourishing foods like chicken soup, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices is needed to supply all the essential nutrients to the body to speed up the recovery process.
health benefits of garlic with apple cider vinegar and honey

Why Take Garlic With Apple Cider Vinegar And Honey?

Millions suffer from chronic ailments like diabetes and obesity worldwide. Instead of putting oneself at risk of side effects of pill popping, it's best to adopt natural and safe home remedies to manage them. Garlic with apple cider vinegar and honey is one such powerful mixture that has been scientifically proven to be effective for individuals who want to lose weight, manage insulin resistance and lower serum cholesterol levels as well indigestion.

5 Foods High In FODMAPs And Their Healthy Alternatives

The main cause of digestive issues is the types of food we eat, due to which it is very important to keep a check...
These products can be found in your own kitchen.

Natural Remedies For Common Skin Problems

All of us will face some sort of  skin problem once in our lives, and the most common kinds are warts, skin tags, moles...

10 Nutritious Edible Wild Plants

Exploring eatable herbs in the wild can be a fascinating activity. It is practically not possible to discover an area on earth that is...
how to get rid of aphids naturally

How Do You Get Rid Of Aphids Naturally?

Aphids are small plant parasites that cause plants to wilt and die. To prevent aphids naturally, clean away the aphids. You could also use aphid wasps, syrphid flies, ants, and beetles to lure them away. Additionally, try natural insecticides such as garlic oil, neem oil, and essential oils like clove, peppermint, rosemary, and thyme.
garlic for colds

Garlic For Common Colds: Why And How To Use It

Two studies have shown that garlic has the power to reduce the severity and possibly even the occurrence of the common cold. This is most likely due to the immune-boosting properties of sulfur-containing compounds in garlic, particularly allicin. Chew on garlic cloves or brew some tea or soup to ease your cold symptoms. Crush and leave cloves to stand for 15 mins before cooking.

Garlic Allergy: Symptoms And Treatment

Garlic is popular with cuisines across the world for its distinct aroma and strong flavor. Its various health benefits and medicinal propertiesBayan, Leyla, Peir...
health benefits of garlic

6 Proven Health Benefits Of Garlic: A Pungent Pill

Garlic is as effective as standard drugs in lowering blood pressure and treating erectile dysfunction, thanks to its organic sulfur compound called allicin. It protects the liver from toxicity, prevents lung, skin, colon, prostate, bladder, blood, and stomach cancers, promotes hair growth, and reduces incidences of common colds by 63%.

How To Clean Your Arteries Naturally

Follow the Mediterranean diet plan that is naturally rich in fiber and low in cholesterol. Cut back on sugar, salt and replace butter with healthy fats such as olive oil. Enjoy artery-friendly foods and herbs like chickpeas, pomegranates, oats, avocado, garlic, saffron, turmeric, calamus. Rev up your metabolism with aerobic exercises and resistance training. Quit smoking!

6 Amazing Reasons To Eat Garlic Daily

Want to live a long vibrant life? Then eating foods like garlic is a good place to start! Here is why you should add garlic to your everyday diet.

3 Easy To Grow Culinary Herbs

Gardening tips to get started - Garlic Chives: This anti-microbial herb likes full sun, moderate watering and a well-drained soil (any type). Oregano: It does well in full sun/partial shade and dry, well-drained soil. Do a deep watering once every week or two. Peppermint: It likes rich soil and some sun, but in hot climates, make sure it gets some afternoon shade.