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13 Etiquette You Must Follow While Practicing Yoga

Yoga is practiced by millions across the globe but very few know the basic etiquettes that needs to be followed at yoga class. Basic yoga etiquettes that must be followed for a fulfilling yoga class are being punctual, maintaining personal hygiene, wearing appropriate yoga clothes, not bringing the cell phone into the class and respecting the instructor.
Sex Tips You Need To Know

9 Sex Tips That You Need To Know

Sex is affected by more than you think. Start by getting enough sleep – a habit that'll boost sexual function and arousal. You can also strengthen your vaginal muscles with Kegel exercises. To enhance your bond, have a code word for "sex", make eye contact, and put your phone away. Once in awhile, do it in the afternoon. The unusual time will shake things up. Come nighttime, keep the lights on to enhance visual stimulation.
health mistakes you make before 40

7 Mistakes To Avoid To Lead A Healthy Life After 40

The body changes as you turn 40. Taking care of yourself before you turn 40 is important to stay healthy as you age. Having regular meals, eating nutrient-rich food, sufficient sleep and drinking enough water can help you avoid heart disease and other age-related problems. Quitting smoking will not only help you avoid respiratory problems but also keep your skin younger and healthier.
Using your phone can ruin your workout

4 Ways Your Phone Is Wrecking Your Workout

Research shows that using your phone during a workout can make lessen your postural balance. It can also ruin your form. Both of these situations can make you prone to injuries. Texting during a workout also makes you less likely to engage in vigorous or high-intensity exercise. You spend a larger portion of time in low-intensity exercise, making your workout less effective. Try to minimize your phone usage in the gym to prevent this from happening
Ignored Areas Of Our Home

7 Areas We Miss When We’re Spring Cleaning Our Home

There’s no denying spring cleaning is a daunting task. All the clutter and dirt that has accumulated can often seem to get the better...

Health Risks Of Using Cell Phones

The cell phone or smartphone industry is the largest growing industry today. Every other day the industry comes up with new, advanced cell phone...

6 Effective Ways To Make Your Baby Sleep In A Crib

A baby loves to be held and cradled. There is nothing in the world that feels more secure than being wrapped in its mother's...

Holding A Sleeping Baby? Things That Definitely Happen

Watching your baby sleep is relaxing and rewarding at the same time. But, only you are aware of the effort that has gone into putting...

10 Fascinating Ways To Make Your Life Infinitely Better

Reading helps you relax; make time to read. Being endlessly stressed, always on the run is unhealthy; take timely breaks to refresh your mind. Establish your priorities and goals; go for them gradually. Stop your phone taking over your life, instead make time for people who matter. Avoid toxic people who create unnecessary complexity, strife, and worst of all stress.

How Often You Should Wash–Everything!

True, that washing is not something everyone loves to do. Sadly, it is something everyone has to do. While some things require to be...

5 Things You Might Be Addicted To, But Do Not Know It

Are all addictions bad? The term addiction is usually used when someone is addicted to a harmful substance but an addiction can either be...

5 Ways To Alleviate Insomnia

Insomnia makes it difficult for you to function properly during the day. Not only is your body deprived of the rest it needs, but you are prone to mood swings, irritability, and low levels of concentration. Sweet dreams are made by following these simple tricks. The first thing you should do is to keep your phone away.
Tips To Follow If You Are Struggling To Stay Focused

Tips To Follow If You Are Struggling To Stay Focused

Tidying up your space will make it easier to focus. All it takes is five minutes to clear clutter, which will make room for a clear mind. You can also make a to-do list to prioritize the most important tasks. You should also do your best to put away your phone unless you absolutely need it to finish something. Avoid multitasking, since this will harm your productivity. Try meditation which will let your mind practice focusing.

7 Tips To Surviving Early Motherhood

It’s okay for you and junior to step out. Get comfortable with breastfeeding outside. Talk to like-minded people. Join a mum’s group -- exchange notes. Be patient in frustrating moments -- they’re momentary. Do not be finicky about cleanliness. Some exposure to germs can do your baby good. Think logically, buy only what you need. Cut yourself some slack. Set aside some self-time.

Natural Ways To Keep Your Eyes In Great Condition

Vision problems are becoming more and more common in this day and age. With an increase in the number of hours we spend in front...