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fungal infection on breast

Fungal Infection On Breast: Causes, Symptoms, And Prevention

Fungal infections of the breast are uncomfortable and embarrassing. Watch for signs of rashes, itchiness, pain, flaky skin, and/or discharge from the breast - typical symptoms of a fungal infection. Avoiding one can be as easy as keeping the skin moisture-free, using only unscented powders to absorb sweat, and changing bras and breast pads more often.
Vaginal Infections: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Vaginal Infections: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Vaginal infections could be caused due to bacteria, fungi, parasites, or viruses. Antibiotics, poor eating habits, lack of sleep, and stress can trigger yeast infections. Pregnancy, douching, and intrauterine devices might cause bacterial infections. Sexual intercourse might pass on viral and parasitic infections. Symptoms of these infections include itching, burning, and pain during sex. Tea tree oil, garlic, yogurt, fenugreek seeds, neem, and coconut oil can relieve symptoms.
what is candida

What Is Candida Infection And How Can It Affect You?

Candida is a common fungus but its overgrowth can affect various parts of the body. Candidiasis can take the form of oral candidiasis, vaginal candidiasis, or candida skin infection. In invasive candidiasis, a very lethal form usually seen in immunocompromised individuals, candida can enter the bloodstream and spread to the heart, brain, bones, and eyes. Your best bet against candida is antifungal medication. Natural options include yogurt and garlic.

Can Fungal Infections Be Deadly?

When you hear “fungal infection” you might think of an itchy rash or a discolored toenail. But did you know that fungal infections can kill? Some systemic fungal infections can be fatal, especially in those with weakened immune systems. Avoiding places with bird or bat droppings and wearing gloves when working with soil or manure are good precautions.

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20 Reasons To Drink More Apple Cider Vinegar

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Inflammation Might Be Slowly Eating You From Inside

Inflammation Might Be Slowly Eating You From Inside

Inflammation may be the reason for your tiredness, depression, lethargy and brain fog. Check for food sensitivity and eliminate foods that trigger symptoms. Hidden sugars in processed foods can cause candida and weaken your digestion. Add supportive foods before going on a restrictive diet to avoid nutrient deficiency. Give time for body to rest and recover.

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Probiotics While Breastfeeding

Probiotics increase the immuno-protective potential of breast milk helping fight Atopic Eczema and enable the infant's digestive system to mature faster, improve bowel movements and prevent constipation. They regulate good bacteria helping fight fungal infections like thrush. A healthy brain-gut connection helps prevent Autism, ADHD and mood disorders in kids.

Fungal Infection On Breast: Causes, Symptoms, And Prevention Measures

Two types of fungus - tinea versicolor and tinea corporis commonly cause breast infections. To prevent the infection, use appropriately fitting bras that are not too tight or cutting into the skin, try to ventilate the area as often as possible, Keep the area clean with a topical disinfectant, etc. A breast fungus is common and mainly arises in women with larger breasts.

What Is Candida And Why Should You Be Concerned

Candida is more common than people realize and often at times, someone may have candida without even knowing it. Candida occurs when there is...
Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection

Root Cause Of Recurring Vaginal Yeast Infections

Recurring Vaginal Yeast infections are caused due to birth control pills and HRT, pregnancy, Inadequate progesterone production, Disordered glucose metabolism and diabetes, A weakened immune system, Use of vaginal hygiene products, such as douches and bubble bath that alter the vaginal pH, Iron Deficiency Anemia and Anti-fungal resistance.
How To Handle Toenail Fungus?

How to Handle Toenail Fungus?

Onychomycosis (nail fungus) is an infection of the nail caused by fungus, yeast and molds. It is the most common disease of the nails and constitutes about...
Causes and Preventive Measures of Sinus Infection

Causes and Preventive Measures of Sinus Infection

You awake with that familiar foggy head, nasal stuffiness, thick nasal drainage, fatigue, your teeth hurt and your head is splitting. Oh no, another...
home remedies for yeast infection

Natural, Home Remedies For Yeast Infection

- Include yogurt (homemade) and soured products in your diet. - You might try douching with two capsules of Kyolic (garlic) or with the juice of fresh garlic and water. - Keep the vagina clean and dry. - Apple cider vinegar is preferable to an over-the-counter product when douching. - Cotton underwear may be preferable because it allows for free circulation of air.