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Cause of scabs in ear and treatment methods

Ear Scabs: Causes And Treatment Methods

Scabs can be dry, itchy, and painful. They can form due to cancer, ear piercings, psoriasis, bacterial and yeast infections, and an infected pimple. Antibiotics, anti-itch medications, and radiotherapy are used to treat the scabs based on the root cause. When the scabs are formed due to cancer, doctors remove the affected area to prevent it from spreading. Scabs may seem like a small problem but if not treated at the right, it can result in the loss of hearing.

Treating A Smelly Belly Button And Discharge

Some people experience a foul-smelling belly button accompanied by a discharge. A foul odor that emanates from the navel along with a yellowish, whitish, or a greenish discharge may often indicate an infection of the belly button, which may be caused due to many reasons. Preventing moisture accumulation and taking precautionary measures can help avoid this smelly condition. Consulting a dermatologist can prevent aggravating the condition.
Tongue pain: Causes and treatment

Pain On Your Tongue: Possible Causes And Treatment

Tongue pain is commonly the result of ulcers, canker sores, oral thrush, and a geographic tongue. Smoking can also cause tongue pain. Less common causes of tongue pain include oral cancer and glossodynia. Some of the ways to prevent tongue pain is to eat a diet rich in folic acid, vitamin B6, and iron. Topical application of anti-inflammatory agents like honey, aloe vera gel will help soothe the sores and provide relief from pain.
How gut bacteria can affect food cravings

How The Bacteria In Your Gut Can Affect Food Cravings

What you eat is who you are or what your gut bacteria want you to be. The gurt-brain axis is a strong neural connection. When you have larger colonies of unhealthy bacteria, they cause you to crave for unhealthy foods and ruin your mood when you don’t comply! Getting rid of them involves a planned, healthful diet, and sheer willpower. This can be hard. But once your body is colonized by good bacteria, you won't witness cravings.
(Candida is a type of yeast which has many varieties)

These 6 Healthy Foods Surprisingly Cause Candida Overgrowth

Candida is a type of yeast which has many varieties. And out of them, about 20 are known to cause health issues in humans....

Pain Under The Left Armpit: 12 Causes Explained

Pain in the armpits can be one of the toughest to bear. Let’s explore the reasons your armpits, the left one specifically, can hurt...

Can Lubes Be A Reason For Your V-Troubles?

Studies have shown that lubes may trigger vaginal irritations and cause yeast infections. Certain compounds like glycerin, propylene glycol, benzocaine, and acetate in lubes cause a pH imbalance in the vagina and may cause discomfort. Enjoy your sexual experiences with silicone-based, aloe-based, and paraben-free lubes that do not have a negative impact on the vagina.
Fungal infections can be cured and prevented through healthy foods.)

5 Healthy Foods To Keep Fungal Infections Away

The world we live in today is filled with toxins and germs. Despite following a healthy diet, we are prone to diseases and infections,...
why is my tongue white

Why Is My Tongue White? 7 Possible Causes

Fungal infections, irritants like spicy food and alcohol, vitamin deficiencies, and sexually transmitted diseases can all affect the color of your tongue. Some conditions that can give you a white tongue include leukoplakia, oral lichen planus, geographic tongue, oral thrush, syphilis, and even oral cancer. Ayurveda considers a white tongue to be indicative of the presence of ama and an excess of kapha.

12 Alternative Ways To Put Your Mouthwash To Use

A mouthwash doesn't just keep your teeth clean and maintain oral hygiene! It can also be used for various other purposes. Due to its disinfectant properties, you can use it to treat wounds and fungal infections. It can also keep the surfaces of your kitchen germ-free. Read more to find out the different ways in which mouthwash can be used.
Alternate uses of vaporub

9 Alternative Uses Of Vapor Rub You Didn’t Know About

The active ingredients in VapoRub are camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus oil. Together, these elements offer several benefits that can help you in your every day life. We all know that some VapoRub can reduce a chest congestion and cold. But, it does all that and more! From reducing headaches and joint pain, to repelling insects, there's little VapoRub can't do.
myths about labia

6 Absolute Myths About The Labia Busted

There are many baseless notions that have been prevailing for centuries about the female reproductive system and genitals. Particularly, the labia still remains a mystery to many. Neither is it the clitoris nor the vagina. It's a unique member of the vulva and is majorly protective in nature. Not all women have the same labia and it doesn't have to be fragrant as long as it's hygienically maintained.
Yeast infections can be due to multiple causes like diabetes, pregnancy and more

6 Common Factors That Trigger A Yeast Infection

Is that itch in your genital area unbearable or do you feel that your vagina is swollen? You may be suffering from a yeast infection. A common condition found in women, yeast infections can be many things – aggravating, itchy, and gross. Some of the well-known causes of yeast infections include antibiotics, pregnancy, and sexual activity or the lack of it. Knowing about these causes can be your first step to dealing with the problem confidently.

6 Reasons For Supplementing Your Gut With Probiotics Today

A thriving micro-fauna can increase your life span by several years. Micro-fauna present in your gut can greatly affect the quality of your life...

7 Reasons Why You Are Bleeding After Sex

Bleeding after sex is more common than we think. It might not happen to all sexually active women, but it happens to quite a...