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Let’s Clear This Up: How Much Fruit Should You Eat In A Day?

Fruit contains fructose, a sugar that stirs up a lot of controversy. However, it's totally different than high-fructose corn syrup, a highly processed form that also contains glucose. This addition makes it high in calories, posing a risk factor for weight gain and chronic diseases. In fruit, fructose is perfectly safe, so aim to eat 2 cups of fruit each day. The only thing to worry about is fiber, so be sure to increase intake slowly to avoid constipation.

Eight Healthy Foods That Cause Bloating

A bloated stomach can feel extremely uncomfortable and in some cases may even cause abdominal pain. Bloating usually takes place when our friendly gut...

6 Foods You Can Have On A Fructose-Restricted Diet

Fructose is a form of sugar found in certain fruits, vegetables, sweeteners, and processed food. People who suffer from fructose intolerance or fructose malabsorption must adopt a fructose-restricted diet. Protein options include meat, certain legumes, and beans. Carbs can be sourced from refined bread, grains, and gluten-free options. Half cup portions of vegetables and fruits, depending on one's tolerance can be consumed. Certain dairy products and beverages are also allowed.
Are Fruit Sugars Harmful

Can Sugars In Fruit Make You Gain Weight?

After you go on a healthy diet and eliminate refined sugars from your life, it’s natural to assume there will be a change in...

Fructose, Glucose, And Sucrose: The Difference And Effects

We consume foods that are sweet more than foods with any other taste. Sweet foods feature prominently in the Western diet. But all sugars are not the same. They all behave quite differently once they enter the body and they all have different effects on the body. But, most of us who consume sugars are either unaware or confused about their differences and effects.

7 Foods That Are Free Of Sucrose And Fructose

Many people who are health conscious may want to avoid sugar or they may be fructose intolerant and simply cannot consume foods that contain sucrose or fructose. For such people, there are numerous alternatives available, which still contain many essential vitamins, proteins, and minerals that are essential for overall health. By avoiding foods that are devoid of fructose and sucrose, they can still ensure that they get all the nutrients.
People with sensitive stomachs need to be careful about their diet

9 Foods To Avoid If You Have A Sensitive Stomach

Irritable bowels and sensitive stomachs can be managed by cutting out foods such as dairy, chocolate, alcohol, corn, fructose, seeds and nuts, chili, carbonated beverages, and high-fat foods as well as fried foods. These foods can be difficult to digest or can cause inflammation of the bowels. Try to stick to soft bland foods and drink plenty of water.

6 Harmful Effects Of High Fructose Corn Syrup

High-fructose corn syrup might make products taste good, but it is of no use to your health. It provides absolutely no nutritional value; a load of calories; accumulates fat in the body; increases the risk of obesity, causes diabetes, cancer, heart disease, gout, and other disorders; and overburdens the liver. It gives you a lot more fructose than your body can digest and manage.

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD): Causes And Symptoms

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease has been recognized as a silent, yet major, disease in developed countries. It starts with a simple fatty liver and gradually advances to fibrosis. The final stage is cirrhosis and liver failure. The symptoms are vague throughout the stages. But early detection can help reverse a fatty liver.

How Healthy Is Your Pre/Post Workout Supplement?

Health drinks are often impregnated with toxic artificial sweeteners (aspartame, crystalline fructose, sucralose), artificial colors, heavy metals (arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium), and GMOs (glyphosphate). These toxins collect in fat cells causing weight gain, migrate to the liver and give rise to a dysfunctional fatty liver, diminish healthy gut flora, and may even cause multiple organ failure.
Metabolism of sugar

Do You Know How Sugar Is Metabolized In Your Body?

Due to excessive sugar consumption, many lifestyle diseases occur. So, the food industry keeps coming up with different types of sweeteners. But, almost every sweetener when used excessively causes some or the other side effect. To understand why, you have to understand how sugar is metabolized by your body and the health effects it might have on you.
How To Keep Your Liver Healthy?

How To Keep Your Liver Healthy?

The liver is a key organ for detoxifying our bodies. If our livers aren't healthy or functioning properly, the toxins that should be eliminated...
Agave Nectar: Is it Really A Healthy Substitute?

Agave Nectar: Is it Really A Healthy Substitute For Sugar?

Agave is the newest of the wonder foods found in Central America. Much like the acai berry and mangosteen fruit, agave has been used...
The Not So Pretty Truth About Agave Syrup.

The Not So Pretty Truth About Agave Syrup.

For years I’ve been speaking and writing about the problem of excess sugar in the diet. I’ve also been alerting people to the so-called...