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Cancer Symptoms Women Often Ignore

11 Cancer Symptoms Women Often Ignore

With the increased awareness of breast cancer, examining your breasts on a daily basis must have become a habit. However, there are several other...

Breaking A Fever: Tips To Manage It Naturally

In a majority of instances, a fever will "break" by itself – all you need is plenty of rest and fluids, light clothing, and a comfortable room temperature. Opt for fever-lowering medication only if you are in too much discomfort. Besides OTC medications, ayurveda and naturopathy offer herbal remedies to break a fever.

How To Reduce A Fever Fast And Safely

Technically, a fever is not an ailment but a defense mechanism. It is your body's natural response to fight off viruses and bacteria by weakening...

6 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of A Fever

A fever is your body's defense mechanism against an infection. If your temperature is higher than 99°F or 37.2°C, you might be having a fever. To break a fever, get enough rest and don't go out of the house. Drink at least 2 liters of fluids to keep yourself hydrated and eat blank probiotic-rich food like yogurt and fermented cabbage. To bring down your body temperature, take a warm bath, keep a wet cloth on your forehead, wear wet socks to bed, and wear light clothes.
Surprising Ways To Start Using Peppermint Oil

8 Uses Of Peppermint Oil You Probably Didn’t Know About

According to Greek mythology, Pluto transformed a nymph he had fallen in love with, named Mentha, into a herb so people could continue to...

7 Things You Should Know If You’re New To Parenting

Parents, in particular, the new ones need to be well aware of the comprehensive health needs of their growing children. Important decisions regarding when to stop breastfeeding should be taken based on the comfort of the infant and mother. Instilling good hygiene practices and healthy lifestyle routine right from childhood is necessary to establish good habits for life.

Study: Fever In Early Pregnancy Can Cause Birth Defects

Every expectant mom is concerned about her health during pregnancy. They know that any illness may affect her growing baby. Fever during pregnancy is...
Ways to spot sun poisoning

Think You Have Sun Poisoning? Look For These 5 Signs

Sun poisoning is the most severe form of a sunburn. You can’t reverse the damage, but it helps to know the symptoms. An itchy, red rash is a sign that your immune system is fighting something. It actually recognizes sun-damaged skin as an intruder! This can snowball into fever, chills, and other flu-like symptoms. Drowsiness and nausea are also possible. In the future, make it a priority to avoid sun poisoning to lower your risk of skin cancer.
symptoms of typhoid fever

10 Signs And Symptoms Of Typhoid Fever To Watch Out For

Typhoid is a dangerous condition caused by the Salmonella typhi. Symptoms include fever with a temperature that can go up to 103–104° F, headaches, and muscle aches. Digestive signs include constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and pain in your abdomen. You may also see symptoms such as pink spots on your torso, fatigue, confusion, delirium, hallucinations, blood in your stools or vomit, swollen abdomen, and breathlessness.
How To Treat A Fever The Right Way

Everything You Need To Know About Treating A Fever

As soon as you feel a fever coming on, you often make your way straight to the medicine cabinet and pop a few pills....

8 Warning Signs That Indicate A Medical Emergency

An intense headache with dizziness can indicate a serious underlying condition like internal bleeding around the brain. Tightness in the chest and radiating pain are warning signs of a heart attack. Blood in urine, stools or sputum is also a matter that requires immediate attention. There are some intense symptoms for which you must not delay receiving emergency medical attention.

5 Simple Herbal Remedies For Different Health Issues

Emergency herbal first aid can care for wounds, burns, and minor ailments. Knowing what to use, when, and how in case of small injuries is a life skill. Dried green chiretta stem and neem extracts are effective in reducing sudden fever. Green chiretta is beneficial in reducing fever in malaria and dengue. Basil leaves and basil oil give relief from fever due to infection, cough, and cold.

5 Tick-Borne Infections That Aren’t Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne infection, but it isn’t the only one. Ehrlichiosis can be found all over the country. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is common in the Midwest and Southeast, while tularemia is found in the South and Midwest. If you’re in the Northeast or by the Great Lakes, be aware of Powassan virus disease, a rare but fatal infection. Anaplasmosis is found in the Northern areas of America. Always do a tick check after going outside!

Signs That Indicate Your Bloating Isn’t Normal

We’ve all been there. Some gassy veggies at a dinner meeting, one too many aerated drinks at the movies or the monthly premenstrual feeling...
causes of typhoid

Causes Of Typhoid Fever You Should Know

Typhoid is a dangerous illness common in the developing part of the world. It is caused by a bacteria known as Salmonella typhi, present in the fecal matter and urine of infected people. Consuming foods or drinks contaminated with infected human waste can pass on the infection. So can anal or oral sex with someone who’s infected. Keep your hands clean and avoid risky water and foods.