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Twins Fetal Development | Pregnancy Images

The mothers-to-be undergo a wide array of physical changes along with emotional and mental changes. It’s always a good idea to be well informed...
What Are The Risk Factors That Cause Growth Retardation?

Is Your Baby At Risk Of Growth Retardation?

Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) is a condition where the fetus is smaller than expected for the number of weeks of pregnancy. Smoking, alcohol consumption, low weight gain during pregnancy, anemia, previous preterm delivery or abortion can increase IUGR risk. IUGR can lead to memory and learning deficiencies and metabolic syndrome.

Preventing Fatal Paraben Exposure In A Growing Fetus

Research suggests that prenatal exposure to parabens is linked to autistic-like behavioral symptoms in infants and other birth defects. To prevent this exposure choose paraben-free cosmetics and personal care products. Buy preservative-free cosmetics in small batches. Most important of all, eat fresh food and cook your meals from whole, local ingredients.