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Harmful side effects of makeup

10 Harmful Side Effects Of Makeup

In a world where your life is judged by how great you look in your Facebook posts and Instagram pics, there is a constant expectation...

Dangers Of Using Cosmetics

Due to their abilities to promote flawless skin and perfectly sculpted look, cosmetics have become an irreplaceable part of women's lives. It is not...

6 Self-Care Practices To Heal Infertility

Take alternating hot and cold, mineral-rich, Himalayan pink rock salt sitz baths, preferably daily evening. Massage the lower abdomen, lower back, buttocks daily, with 2T of warm organic ghee and 5 drops of essential oil of choice to help improve pelvic circulation. Try herbal helpers like shatavari, ashwagandha, amalaki, black cumin and ajwain seeds.
signs of female infertility

8 Signs Of Female Infertility You Need To Watch Out For

Endometriosis, fallopian tube blocks, and hormonal imbalances can all cause female infertility. If your periods are irregular, painful, or totally absent, it is a red flag. So are thick cervical mucus, abnormal uterine bleeding, pain during or after sex, intense fatigue during periods, and chronic pain in your pelvis, back. Spotting the signs early can avoid a difficult recovery later.

A New Fertility Method Brings About The World’s First Three Parent Baby

Dr. Zhang, the medical director of the New Hope Fertility Clinic in New York, holds the baby boy who was conceived using the DNA...

Ayurvedic Remedies For Infertility

Follow simple dietary tweaks like consuming ginger tea in morning; parched rice+300ml milk+a dash of nutmeg powder (for males)/cardamom powder (for females)+sugar candy to taste for your breakfast/dinner; turmeric saffron milk at bedtime. Try herbs like gokshura, kum kuma, varahikand. Practice yoga and avoid or reduce alcohol, tobacco, or too much of caffeine.

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Figs

The fig is originally from the Middle East and western Asia, where it is considered a delicacy. The tenderness of its flesh and the...

How To Chart Your Menstrual Cycle Using Fertility Awareness Method?

Charting your menstrual cycle involves tracking several criteria related to menstruation, vaginal discharge, basal body temperature, ovulation, cervical mucous and mood. Using this data,...

3 Tips To Boost Fertility Naturally

Use glass containers instead of plastic when eating/drinking anything hot and when warming food in the microwave, as heat can cause toxic chemicals to leach into your food, messing up the body's hormones. Buy fragrance-free, organic cotton pads and tampons or use silicon cup, which collects, instead of absorbing menstrual blood. Say "NO" to processed foods!

8 Best Fertility Foods Men Should Start Eating Now

Pucker up for vit C rich foods (bell peppers, oranges, kale, papaya) and use healthier oils like olive and virgin coconut oil to prevent sperm clumping due to oxidative stress. Nibble on raw pumpkin seeds; eat oysters to help improve sperm motility. Add tomatoes, pomegranates to your diet to help replace the antioxidants depleted by smoking or alcohol consumption.

PCOS Management Tips For Optimal Fertility

Trying to conceive? Check-out the following "miracle" fertility treatments (backed by solid scientific studies!) for PCOS pregnancy success.

Safe And Natural Methods Of Birth-Control

Natural birth-control methods can be effective if used accurately. A popular option is to keep track of changes in your body temperature and cervical fluid while tracking your monthly cycle. Using fertility tests can also be useful. Lactational amenorrhoea, outercourse, and herbal medications also help.

How Endocrine Disruptors Affect Fertility

The endocrine disruptors can mimic, alter and block the production of hormones necessary to make the reproductive organs work properly. Women with endocrine dysfunction can develop abnormalities that can be as minor as irregular periods, or as serious as PCOS or Endometriosis, making conception more difficult. The best course of action is to go as natural as possible!

A New Fertility Method Brings About The World’s First Three Parent Baby

Dr. Zhang, the medical director of the New Hope Fertility Clinic in New York, holds the baby boy who was conceived using the DNA...
Calculate your Ovulation days

How To Calculate Ovulation: Know When You’re Most Fertile

Ovulation day can be any day between Day 7 and 20, taking the 1st day of your last period as Day 1. Look out for raw egg white-like cervical mucus (EWCM), rising luteinizing hormone (LH) levels in the urine, and high libido. Usually, ovulation occurs 1 day after the LH peak, which is also the last day of EWCM. Have sex daily for 5 days before and on the day of ovulation or every other day from Day 7 to 20.