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Do Calorie-Restriction Diets Really Help In Weight Loss?

It's a common perception that if you eat fewer calories, you can lose weight easily. Although that sounds logically correct, the human body works...

7 Common Signs Of Cancer In Women That Often Go Unnoticed

Cancer never comes quietly and there are usually a few knocks here and there. Early signs of cancer can be so common that it...

7 Signs Of Hormonal Imbalance In Women

Most women are familiar with hormonal fluctuations at some point in their life. A rise or fall in the levels of hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone lead to imbalances and resulting symptoms. Persistent weight gain, a low sex drive, anxiety and irritation, fatigue, and digestive issues are some of the signs that may indicate a hormonal imbalance.

Every Woman Needs To Know These 6 Signs Of Leukemia

The bulbous ends of your bones contain large quantities of a fatty substance known as the bone marrow, which is responsible for producing new...

6 Early Signs Of MS You Should Not Ignore

Multiple Sclerosis can start off quite innocently; long bouts of tiredness, forgetting birthdays you always remembered and blurred vision. The early symptoms of Multiple...

4 Common Signs Of Hormone Imbalance In Men

Whether you're sitting, running, playing, or sleeping, there are millions of chemical reactions going on in your body all the time. While most of...

How Can Tai Chi Help Breast Cancer Survivors Sleep Better?

Thirty percent of breast cancer survivors suffer from insomnia, but Tai Chi can lend a hand. Research has found that it’s even better than cognitive behavioral therapy, the gold standard of treatment. All it takes is one session a week. For the breast cancer patient, Tai Chi will reduce pain, fight stress, and improve fatigue. These benefits will significantly promote better sleep quality, a major influence on the quality of life.

21st Century Syndrome: Are You Suffering From It?

Are you often irritated? Are you always tired? Have low sex drive? Do you often get a cold? Are you constantly suffering from digestive...

Pregnancy Symptoms Vs PMS Symptoms: What’s The Difference?

Pregnancy and PMS have similar symptoms. PMS symptoms disappear when the period starts and are short-lived, whereas pregnancy symptoms might last longer. Commonly confused symptoms include food cravings, breast pain, spotting, nausea, mood changes, fatigue, and cramping. If in doubt, take a pregnancy test to be clear. If the symptoms, signs, and tests are unclear, visit your doctor at the earliest.

Should You Eat On Time Or When You’re Hungry?

Eating habits of each person is unique since we all eat different foods at different times. Some people eat only when they are hungry, while many people eat just because it’s time to eat and follow a strict eating schedule. While neither eating patterns are particularly good or bad, both kinds of eating habits have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Why Correct Breathing Is As Important As Nutrition

Though we don't take breathing correctly as seriously as nutrition, it is just as important for overall health. Improper breathing like mouth breathing disrupts growth and development in children and worsens asthma, bad breath, and allergies. Breathing and nutrition play an equally important role in managing body functions like heart rate or digestion, reducing stress, preventing bronchial asthma, reducing muscle fatigue, and improving immunity. Practice deep breathing and diaphragm breathing.
our body needs carbs to fuel it for the different activities it performs during the day

5 Reasons You Should Be Loading Up On More Carbs

If you are working out or have been on a diet in order to lose weight, then it is certain that you have been...

All You Need To Know About IBS Symptoms

Do you feel any pain or discomfort in your abdomen after a meal? You may be displaying the tell-tale signs of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a gastrointestinal disorder that's known to affect more women than men. Poor sleeping patterns and changes in gut bacteria can all trigger IBS symptoms. As there are no known causes or cure for IBS, it's important that you recognize symptoms at the earliest and solve this issue at its source for effective relief.
A few changes in lifestyle can help you recover from deep fatigue

5 Easy Ways To Get Relief If You’re Deeply Fatigued

Fatigue is a part of the rat race we all are participants of in today’s world. Most of the time, deep and long-standing fatigue is...

5 Common Signs That You Are Overtraining

Although regular, moderate exercise offers significant health benefits from robust mental health to weight loss. However, this can become tiring for many people. As your workouts get advanced, the vicious circle of continuously pushing yourself gets risky. If you feel extremely sore even two days after a workout, the intensity needs to be cut short or the duration of your workouts. Change up your workout instead of doing the same thing over and over again to reduce injury in the long run.