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10 Ways Clearing Up Clutter Will Improve Your Life

Clearing clutter is a well known "must do" on most wish lists for improving a home. Whether it’s dumping or donating things, organizing or...

7 Natural Ways To Relieve Anxiety

Mild anxiety is normal considering the hustle of daily life, but anything more serious needs professional help. But, natural remedies add to conventional treatment. Herbal teas like chamomile, lemon balm, and green tea have calming effects. Regular exercise reduces stress and elevates mood. Herbal supplements and healthy, well-balanced meals relieve the symptoms of anxiety while tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine, worsen them. Regular meditation improves mood. Aromatherapy and warm baths relieve stress-induced anxiety.

Is Coconut Sugar A Worthy Substitute For White Sugar?

White sugar is nutrient-less and packed with calories, it does not benefit your body in any way. In fact, it has been associated with...

7 Simple Habits That Can Help You Breathe Better If You Have COPD

Every breath can be difficult especially if you are living with a condition like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Your everyday life can take...

7 Tips For Women To Help Cope With Stress

Since women tend to experience more stress than men, it's important that you take measures to reduce your stress levels. Aerobic exercise, a well-balanced diet, and sufficient sleep are essential for stress management. It's also important to organize your work better and learn to say "no." You could also consider mindful meditation or indulge a favorite hobby, as they're known to reduce stress levels.

Bird Dog Exercise Basics And Benefits: Strengthen Your Spine And Core Muscles

The bird dog exercise helps strengthen core muscles and stabilize the spine, particularly the lumbar region that supports most of the body. It also improves posture control, aligns the spine, reduces lower back pain, and strengthens the shoulder muscles. It can be performed by most healthy individuals while several challenging variations can help athletes and active sportspeople.

Know These Exercise Tips For Pregnancy

Exercise has a crucial role to play to keep you fit and fine during pregnancy. It helps you reduce discomforts associated with pregnancy such as...

9 Tips To Get The Fitness Motivation You’ve Been Looking For

When you tell yourself that you are too lazy to go for a workout, it is the mind that is deciding what you do. The mind has complete control over you. That is why you should change your thoughts to eventually change your lifestyle. Always keep your goal in mind, treat your health as part of your priority, and always think about consequences.

Get Dizzy Often While Standing? Exercising Can Help

Orthostatic intolerance is characterized by symptoms like dizziness and fatigue that occur while standing but stop as soon as one sits or lies down. Studies show that certain exercises (like light weight-lifting, swimming, recumbent biking) can improve orthostatic tolerance by preventing venous pooling and increasing overall blood plasma volume. Consulting with one's physician can help one plan an exercise regime that's both safe and effective in reducing the nerve-wrecking symptoms of orthostatic intolerance.

Here’s How You Can Keep Your Heartbeat Healthy With Exercise

The heart is one of the strongest muscles in your body and works continuously throughout your life. However, like any other muscle, your heart...

5 Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Health Goals

Is something holding you back from going to the gym, following a diet, and reaching your fitness goals? Several factors like lack of motivation, unrealistic goals, monotonous fitness routine, and strict eating rules can be at play, stopping you from reaching your potential. To stay fit without a struggle, take up these few steps and form an exercise routine and diet that are prefect for you.

6 Tricks To Help You Stick To Your Diabetes Diet

If you're suffering from diabetes, it's essential to stick to a healthy diet. By preparing your favorite food at home, you can make dieting easier. Also, you don't have to cut sweets from your diet entirely; just make sure to eat them in moderation. Other tricks to help you stay on track are to eat a Mediterranean diet, exercise more, and think positive.

7 Common Fitness Mistakes You Should Not Be Making

Working out like you should but not seeing any results? You might be making some common mistakes that can easily be avoided. While it's crucial to focus on working out regularly, it's just as vital to eat and sleep right. Also, remember to mix things up with your fitness routine and avoid spending too much or too little time on cardio to get the most out of your workout.

7 Habits To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Workout

If your workout isn’t giving you the kind of results you were expecting, forming simple habits can make a world of difference. If you aren’t enjoying your workout, look for one that makes you feel good. Set achievable fitness goals, practice regularly, and rest adequately in between workouts. Aside from following the right workout practice, do not forget to eat healthily.

3 Effective Ways To Stop Panic Attacks

Anxiety is a hard beast to tackle and panic attacks make it even more harder. People who are living with anxiety feel perpetually stressed...