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12 Effective Ways To Prepare Your Body And Mind For A Diet

We lose or gain excess weight mostly because of habits that have lasted a lifetime. Naturally, it takes equally long and hard work to regain the ideal weight. Make dieting and exercising a little easier by preparing yourself for it, both mentally and physically, beforehand. Set a goal, boost your willpower, get help from loved ones, and do everything possible to stick to your routine.
Our hormonal health must be kept in check so that we stay happy

7 Steps To Keep Your Hormones In Check And Find Happiness

Every fertile woman on earth goes through that time every month when anger, irrationality, irritation, exhaustion, depression, and anxiety, all of them work together...

6 Reasons Why Your Period May Be Worse Than Others

Unhealthy diets and weight gain can cause unbearable period pain. Too little or too much exercise can cause painful periods. Sometimes, a painful period can be because of your age, which decreases with time. Period cramps can be relieved using oral contraceptives prescribed by a doctor. Period irregularities may be due to a health condition like endometriosis.

Can You Really Replace Your Exercise Routine With Sex?

Sex burns about 4 calories a minute so while it can be considered moderate intensity exercise, on average it does not last more than an hour. This means that using sex as exercise will burn only about 84 calories, twice or thrice a week. This isn't enough to promote weight loss or even general fitness. Sex can however, be a great warmup for a morning workout.

6 Need To Know Benefits Of Prenatal Exercise

Prenatal exercise is very important for the mother to get into good shape right before she goes into labor and that will effectively prime her to face any complications that might occur during childbirth or pregnancy. Prenatal exercise also has tonnes of benefits such as reducing pregnancy complications, boosting your energy, improving sleep, reduce stress, reduce constipation, and reduce any sort of risk after childbirth. You should also be careful and not overdo it as this could cause other complications if you have not exercised before and start now when pregnant.
home remedies to gain weight naturally

5 Healthy Ways To Gain A Few Pounds Naturally

Weight gained through poor lifestyle choices can lead to a lot of health problems. If you are looking forward to gaining weight naturally without risking your health, you should make positive lifestyle changes. These include eating nutritious meals, exercising right and following them consistently.

6 Smart Ways Trainers Switch Up Their Exercise Routine To Lose Weight

Every time you walk into the gym, you see your trainer waiting for you, always in top form. Most people think that since trainers...

20 Things Every Woman Should Have And Know By The Time She’s 30

When you turn 30 you start thinking of life in a slightly different way as you have already have life experience and also have...

Tips To Gain Healthy Weight, Mindfully

Incrementally increase your portion size to ease your body into your new diet plan. Consume nutrient- and calorie-rich foods like coconut milk, dried fruit, sweet potatoes, nut butters, avocados, etc. For convenience, you may add them to your smoothies. Split your meals into smaller, more frequent ones. Switch from cardio to weight training. Seek advice from a nutritional therapist.

How to Prolong Your Life through Morning Exercise

Confession: I don't enjoy working out at night. Now don't get me wrong, I love the night group runs out of Fleet Feet Sports...