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Aromatherapy: Best Essential Oils To Use For Yoga

Aromatherapy can significantly enhance your yoga practice. The scent of essential oils will energize the mind, body, and soul, helping you get the most out of each pose. Need to de-stress? Use lavender and chamomile for relaxation. Sandalwood oil will also center the mind. With peppermint and eucalyptus, you can feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Brighten up your practice with sunny scents like bergamot and grapefruit. To enjoy, use an essential oil diffuser or apply to the skin.

Top 3 Essential Oil Remedies To Prevent And Treat The Flu

With the change of seasons and our constant exposure to disease-causing viruses at home or work, flu is one of the most common health conditions...

6 Powerful Antimicrobial Essential Oils You Should Know

Due to reckless antibiotic usage, the emergence of many multidrug-resistant strains of microbes is on the rise. The side effects that are caused by antibiotic usage are also quite troublesome. The best way to combat microbial infections is by tackling them naturally using essential oils. Peppermint, cinnamon, thyme, tea tree and oregano oils are scientifically proven remedies for several kinds of microbial infections.
Benefits of bubble baths and how to make them

5 Benefits Of Bubble Baths And How To Make Your Own

Is splashing around in a bubble bath when you were a kid one of your favorite childhood memories? Popping bubbles might have been the...
Essential Oil To Include In Your First-Aid Kit

5 Essential Oils You Need To Include In Your First-Aid Kit

Every household needs to have a first-aid kit, especially if you have disaster-prone kids running around. When you build a first-aid kit, you need...

Essential Oils For Women’s Health: Treating Different Types Of Headaches

A headache is the most common form of physical pain. Up to 70 percent of the world’s adult population will experience some kind of...

9 Easy Home Remedies For Receding Gums

Receding gums can be the result of poor oral hygiene. Aloe vera, green tea, coconut oil, clove oil and eucalyptus oil can be used to treat receding gums as they possess antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. If receding gums are not treated, it can loosen your teeth and further lead to gum diseases. You must ensure that there is no tooth decay or plaque and maintain good oral hygiene to prevent receding gums.
Ways To Use Eucalyptus Essential Oil To Repel Mosquitoes

3 Ways To Use Eucalyptus Essential Oil To Repel Mosquitoes

Eucalyptus essential oil is a natural alternative to DEET. Most store-bought insect repellents contain this chemical, but it can cause allergic reactions. DEET even damages plastic! Why put it on your skin? When diluted with a carrier, eucalyptus essential oil can be used on the body. You can even make a spray with witch hazel or water. If you like aromatherapy, add eucalyptus oil to a diffuser or burner. The aroma will mask your odor and ward off mosquitoes.

7 Ways To Stop Mouth Breathing In Your Sleep

Mouth breathing is often caused by nasal congestion. You can clear it up with natural remedies like peppermint oil, eucalyptus, or steam treatment. Even a hot shower can do the trick! A sinus massage will feel great, especially if you have a headache or tension. Extra pillows will also elevate your head and promote better breathing. If your jaw muscles are weak, strengthen them with mouth exercises. The alternate nostril breathing technique will also improve your breathing.

6 Essential Oils For Environmental Allergies

Symptoms of environmental allergies may show up as watery eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat, sneezing, and even trouble breathing. Thankfully, essential oils such as Blue Tansy, Eucalyptus, Helichrysum, Peppermint, Lemongrass, Blue Yarrow offer a natural, safe way to help nip the problem in the bud. To use, dispense 1-3 drops on a perfumer's smell strip and inhale.

9 Essential Oils For Eczema That Soothe Your Skin

Eczema is a skin condition characterized by itching, dry, and sensitive skin. The skin becomes inflamed and irritated, causing reddish or dark brown rashes....

7 Essential Oils For Bronchitis That Help You Breathe Better

Essential oils have found their place in the pages of history—be it for medicinal, aromatic or cosmetic use. Plant parts like leaves, barks, resin,...

Try These 7 Best Essential Oils For Headaches

Every day, millions of people suffer from headaches due to various causes like allergies, stress, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, poor posture, fatigue, substance abuse, and nutritional deficiencies....

Best Teas For Bronchitis

An inflammation of the mucus membranes of the air passages in lungs, called bronchi, is known as bronchitis. It is caused by virus and...