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Anxiety and stress can be handled easily with these methods

Try These 5 Unorthodox Ways To Handle Anxiety

There are many other methods that will help with anxiety and it is not just from yoga and meditation. There are many simple things like aromatherapy, listening to music, laughter, and positive emotions that can help you control your stress and improve wellbeing. You may be surprised to know that even a simple thing like getting up early can actually reduce the stress quotient in your life. Try out these ways and watch your anxiety vanish.
Probiotics are a must in your daily diet for a balanced gut

This Is How Probiotics Make You Feel Great Inside Out

Probiotics restore the gut’s balance, helping the gut-brain axis thrive. This benefits the central nervous system and improves sadness, anxiety, and depression. Gut balance also keeps you regular, so you won’t have to stress about the next bathroom trip. Even your immunity will flourish and keep sickness at bay. To avoid feeling “hangry”, balance the gut for appetite control. This will also reduce acne and skin problems by fighting inflammation.

The Most Common Insecurities Faced By Men And How To Get Over Them

Even though it is largely a man's world out there still, men are also human, which means they have their share of fears and...
Is Art The Latest Flavor Of Meditation?

Is Art The Latest Flavor Of Meditation?

Art is known to induce a sense of artistic flow that makes it so therapeutic for a stressed mind. Besides teaching you to let go of control and allowing you to release emotions art also makes for a healthy distraction that keeps your mind from ruminating over worrisome thoughts. Remember though, your goal should be to practice everyday so you can reap the benefits of this alternative form of meditation.
How Unreleased Negative Emotion Contributes To Cancer

How Suppressing Negative Emotion Increases Cancer Risk

Holding onto negative emotion increases the stress hormone cortisol. At high levels, immune function decreases, making it hard for the body to fight cancer. It also increases inflammation and messes with sleep, two factors of chronic disease. Plus, emotional suppression brings on unhealthy coping habits that raise cancer risk. To release negative feelings, practice deep breathing or go for a walk. You can also take up kickboxing.

Advantages Of Being An Inherently Anxious Person

Anxiousness can be a difficult thing to deal with. Some people are born with different sensibilities and they have to deal with their anxiousness...
A narcissist can be easy to spot if you're looking out for these signs.

5 Early Warning Signs Of A Narcissist

Most of us know narcissism as a person who is obsessed with themselves, in the most common terms. Essentially, a narcissist is someone who...

5 Ways Monogamous Sex Is Better

Monogamy and ‘fun-filled sex’ are often not perceived to go hand in hand. Monogamy is believed to have a detrimental effect on a person’s...

Common Problems Sexperts Hear All The Time

From decreased sexual desire and lack of emotional connect to being unable to orgasm and having a baby cause your sex life to take the backseat – here are some common sex problems that sexperts often have to help with. Noting this down will bring you one step closer to solving most sexual problems of your own, or help someone else who may be in dire need of some advice.

How Your Thoughts And Emotions Affect Your Unborn Baby

When in womb your baby is well protected from the outside world. However, your eating habits, lifestyle and even thoughts could affect your little...

9 Physical Pains And Aches Related To Stress And Emotions

Pain and aches in different parts of the body are usually attributed to posture, physical conditions, or injuries. Often, the underlying cause of pain in different parts of the body may be actually because of stress or negative emotions. Everyday stress, emotional turmoil and other subtle factors are often overlooked and not associated with pain. Understanding the true cause of pain can help in relieving pain.

4 Aspects In Which Men And Women Have Varying Sexual Views

Extensive research conducted in the recent past shows varying sexual views between men and women in various aspects. Men have been found to show more interest in sex, fantasize more, masturbate more often, and be more aggressive sexually than women. Women, on the other hand, are more nurturing, tend toward more emotional intimacy in sexual relationships, and also alter their sexual beliefs more easily than men. These observations, however, are certainly not absolute.

How To Find Happiness Even During Unhappy Times

Happiness is everyone's end goal, and too many of us mistakenly believe that happiness is a destination that we will be reaching some day....
Why People Cut Themselves And How You Can Help

Why People Cut Themselves And How You Can Help

Self-injury is really a coping mechanism used to bring down negative emotions, to just feel something as opposed to feeling nothing at all, or as a means of punishment. Cutting is the most common way in which self-harm manifests itself in the victim. Though treatment may differ from person to person, recognizing the problem and having the victim accept help is half the battle won.

9 Things That Actually Happen At Hospital After Your Delivery

Where will hours of pushing, sweating and crying get you? What will the prolonged moments of a risky surgery offer? Yes, of course, the little...