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10 Fruits And Vegetables That Aren't So Healthy After All

10 Fruits And Vegetables That Aren’t So Healthy After All

All fruits and vegetables are excellent health foods and are recommended by experts around the world. But, some fruits and vegetables have certain drawbacks that we must be aware of to avoid unwanted health complications. Fruits and veggies that may have high sugar or salt content, or contain harmful chemicals used to preserve them can be detrimental to our health. Such fruits and veggies must be avoided.
The Amazing Health Benefits Of Eggplants

5 Ways Eating Eggplants Can Help You Live Longer

Eggplant or aubergines were not very popular in most households for a very long time. Part of this is because eggplant cooked wrong can...
Healthy Alternatives For Your Summer Barbecue

7 Healthy Alternatives For Your Summer Barbecue

Barbecues don't have to be about hot dogs and hamburgers. For healthier meats, grill fish or skinless poultry. These lean proteins will fill you right up. Eggplant, Portobello mushrooms, and sweet potato work well on the grill, and they're full of vitamins. Want a complete source of plant-based protein? Grill up some tofu. Another option is to make veggie burgers with ingredients like beans, quinoa, and broccoli.
benefits of eggplant

9 Research-Backed Health Benefits Of Eggplant

Eggplants are loaded with vitamins, nutrients, and fiber. They benefit the heart, brain, skin, and bones. They can control and manage type 2 diabetes and improve digestion as well. One of the best things about these glossy purple veggies is that they have no fat, making them beneficial for weight loss as well. Eggplants are extremely versatile. You could roast, grill or bake them.

Side Effects Of Eating Too Much Eggplant

If you are allergic to eggplants, you may get rashes, nausea, and swelling and itchiness of the throat. The high potassium and fiber content in eggplants can also disrupt digestion if you've already had other foods rich in these. Because of their oxalates, eggplants are not good for kidney stone patients. They can also interact with antidepressants and give a false-positive result in carcinoid tumor tests.
benefits of fruit and vegetable peels

Benefits Of Fruit And Vegetable Peels

All these years, we have been eating our fruits and vegetables incorrectly. We eat less useful parts of the fruit and throw away the most...

22 Amazing Preventive, Curative and Healing Powers of Eggplant

Eggplant, also known as aubergine or brinjal, is botanically named Solanum melongena and is a member of the nightshade, or Solanaceae family, which also...