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9 Essential Oils For Eczema That Soothe Your Skin

Eczema is a skin condition characterized by itching, dry, and sensitive skin. The skin becomes inflamed and irritated, causing reddish or dark brown rashes....
Burdock Root Benefits For Your Hair, Skin, And Body

7 Interesting Burdock Root Benefits For Your Hair, Skin, And Body

Have you heard of a herb that can purify your blood and fight arthritis? If not, know more about burdock – a herb known...

6 Most Common Stress-Related Skin Problems

It is known that increased stress levels affect your mental health but they also manifest physically in the form of skin conditions. Many of us...

5 Home Remedies To Cure Eczema

Mix 1.5c baking soda with 3 gallons of water. Use a washcloth to soak into the mixture and apply to affected skin. Your itchiness will reduce tenfold instantly. Equally soothing can be slathering on some honey or dabbing diluted apple cider vinegar or a solid paste of green clay onto the affected area. Try herbal helpers like 1t of panchatikta ghritam twice a day.
best foods for eczema

8 Foods That Make An Eczema Itch Disappear

Eczema affects over 30 million Americans to varying degrees. If you’re looking for ways to calm sore skin, soothe symptoms, or prevent a flare up, certain foods can be therapeutic. From sipping on oolong tea, green tea, or even a herbal brew of Centella asiatica; to eating everyday larder ingredients like pineapple and citrus fruit or berries; and even probiotics like fermented foods or yogurt; diet can play a more important role than you’d think.
benefits of bentonite clay

Amazing Benefits Of Bentonite Clay And How To Use It

Sick of overpriced beauty products that fall short? Looking for the right home remedy for your skin? Bentonite clay might just be the answer you're looking for. The clay, when mixed properly with water and applied consistently, can reduce those zits, give you a facial, remove sunburn irritants and insect bites, and clear up the hair buildup.

A Polish Mother Came Up With An Effective Vegan Diet To Cure Her Daughter’s...

Ullenka tried various things including prescription steroids, but one day she noticed that the intensity of Maya’s eczema varied depending on whatever she ate,...

Eczema And Psoriasis: Causes And Management Strategies

Check-out the following natural, inexpensive, and flexible treatment strategies for the most challenging skin conditions - eczema and psoriasis.
Beauty Benefits Of Avocado

8 Amazing Beauty Benefits Of Avocado Oil

The oleic acid in avocado oil moisturizes the dermal layer of the skin. Its PFA and antioxidant vits C and E reverse sun damage, reducing wrinkles and age spots; B3 and B5 reduce pigmentation; B9 firms the skin by boosting the collagen content; and K removes dark circles around the eye. Avocado oil prevents and cures acne, eczema, and psoriasis and heals skin wounds. It's also great for nail health and hair growth.

Should You Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Eczema?

While users aver that an ACV bath or drinking ACV mixed with honey soothes dry, itchy eczema-ridden skin, science can offer no rationale behind this claim. ACV's healing properties are attributed to its beta-carotene, which destroys free radicals, regenerates skin cells, and delays aging, but the amount present in ACV is too little to effect a cure. Though ACV is anti-fungal, its ability to treat eczema is yet to be proven.
What Are The Benefits Of Medicinal Clay?

What Are The Benefits Of Medicinal Clay?

Bentonite clay helps heal eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin problems. It has powerful antibiotic properties that help ward off various viruses, infections and diseases. It helps remove fluoride and toxic metals from water. It is extremely popular as a colon cleanser and natural detoxifier. Consume internally, add it to your bath or use as a facial mask.
Skin Issues - A Reflection Of Imbalances Inside Your Body

Skin Issues – A Reflection Of Imbalances Inside Your Body

Skin is a mirror of what is going on inside the body. Imbalances within the body manifests as wrinkles, acne, eczema, uneven rough skin, or rocasea. These issues are normally linked to toxic build up and burned liver, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal imbalance, or a leaky/inflamed gut. You need to detox, intake a nutrient rich diet, and reduce the stress in your life.

Can Diet And Food Cure Eczema?

Eczema is of rising concern in the United States with over 30 million affected. People are often treated with ointments, creams or drugs but none of these cater to the root cause; low immunity and weak digestion. Cater to the real cause and support your immune and digestive systems with rich foods and superfoods. Mostly anti-inflammation foods such as garlic and turmeric are good diet additions to start with.
Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

The benefits of apple cider vinegar as a traditional home remedy are less expensive than traditional medicine, and have no known side effects. Though many...