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5 Tips To End All Or Nothing

5 Tips To End “All Or Nothing”

1. Acknowledge that negative voice telling you everything is ruined. 2. Listen to the voice and it will grow weak. 3. Take the opportunity to get back to healthy eating. 4. Suppress your cravings by indulging in an activity you like. 5. Remind yourself that nothing is ruined, and that you don't need to wait till tomorrow.

Are My Odd Habits A Symptom Of Concealed Depression?

Certain hidden signs of depression are being exponentially happy, having irregular sleep cycles, abnormal eating habits, inability to focus and being negative. These are difficult to trace as people facing these symptoms usually keep to themselves. Other more common mistakes include weight loss, loss of appetite and feelings of uselessness.
Which Type Of Dietary Fat Triggers Fat Burn?

Which Type Of Dietary Fat Triggers Fat Burn?

Eat foods that contain monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats instead of foods that contain saturated fats or trans fats. It helps break down existing fat by activating the fat-burning pathways through the liver. It also takes a longer time to digest than other nutrients, keeping you feeling full for a longer time.
Apple cider vinegar for weight loss

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Really Melt Rigid Belly Fat?

A research found that the acetic acid in the Apple Cider Vinegar effects the appetite largely leading to weight loss. It balances blood sugar, which enables you to stick to your diet and suppress hunger. It also stimulates the body's metabolism rate by reducing accumulation of fat and detoxifies the system to boost nutrient absorption.

Healthy Eating Habits To Prevent Childhood Obesity

Don’t tell kids what to eat but be a good example and give them options to make right decisions. Stock up on Healthy Whole Foods, eliminating room for snacking on junk. Treat fruits as a meal and make veggies taste better. Let kids cook with you and cook healthy, they'll be excited to try out the food. Indulge in physical activity that you love and be a positive influence.

How Your Dog Can Help Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

You'll have to walk you're dog at least twice a day. Use this to take a short brisk walk. This will get you socializing with your neighbors more often and socializing reduces stress which in turn reduces cortisol levels. They're fun to sleep with and can help get a snug and good nights sleep. And they're sure to help you cut down on the extra everyday snacking.

Ingredients That Should Be Part Of Your Detox Routine

Consume nutritious, wholesome and fresh foods and avoid skipping or replacing meals with processed nutrition. Check for deficiencies and make sure you eat balanced. Get a daily dose of rigorous exercise, this helps the lymph push out toxins. Indulge in activity that helps de-stress, daily. Avoid using harsh beauty products and consuming flavored foods.
Benefits Of Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach

Benefits Of Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach

Drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach can help you regulate your digestive tract, release toxins, increase hunger, prevent headaches (as dehydration is one of the leading causes of headaches), cleanse the colon, boost metabolism, increase energy, boost weight loss, clear up skin complexion and improve your immune system.
Ayurvedic Perspective On Mindful Eating And Honoring Food

Ayurvedic Perspective On Mindful Eating And Honoring Food

According to Ayurveda, mindful eating is one of the best ways to honor your body. The entire act of eating is a sacred ritual and art in which you connect with a higher power in the food you eat, the person(s) who grew it, people who cooked the food and the act of cooking. Offering prayers and gratitude are a way to acknowledge the consciousness in food.
Lifestyle Changes For Healthier You

Lifestyle Changes For Healthier You

Embrace simple, small changes, they will add up to big lifestyle improvements. Change for the good and be ready to push through as it's not easy. Take it positively and don't give up. Replace snacks with organic food, limit desserts and control intake. Reduce TV watching, indulge in outdoor games, exercise and stretch regularly.
5 Holistic Health Strategies To Natural Longevity & Beauty

Top 5 Natural Health Strategies For Longevity And Beauty

Aging is accelerated by a poor diet choices, toxin exposure, lack of movement/exercise, and increased stress. To delay the aging process and for longevity and beauty, eat plant based nutrient dense foods, maintain good hydration levels, stay active through sports or exercise, avoid over exercising, ditch the sedentary lifestyle and meditate to keep stress away.

7 Ayurvedic Secrets For Healthy Digestion

Ginger and a pinch of rock salt can help treat constipation. Consume warm food and water, cold food requires more energy to burn. Eat in a quite space, keep away from electronics. Practice Vajrasana after a meal. Use cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds and ajwain seeds in food. Don't eat when anxious or angry and give enough time for digestion.

8 Early Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is hard to diagnose. But abdominal swelling, regular constipation, pelvic pain, lower back pain, frequent and uncontrollable urination, loss of appetite, pain during or post sex and fatigue can be considered early signs. These symptoms may mean other ailments as well, so check with your doctor if any of the signs persist for over 2 weeks.
Are Your Eating Habits Causing Stress?

Are Your Eating Habits Causing Stress?

When you eat at the wrong time, consume unhealthy food too often, overeat, eat without chewing or while talking, you load your digestive system. Gradually, the body perceives this as stress. A lot of extra chemicals and hormones are released to manage the unwanted food. Eat simple and nutritious food in the right manner to avoid stress.

When To Eat To Become Healthy and Fit?

Eat only enough to make you feel hungry in 3 to 4 hrs. as it takes 2 to 3 hrs for digestion and absorption of food. When you eat four times a day, the body does not go into ‘starvation’ mode. Eat before 9 AM every morning within a short while of waking up. Have lunch around 12 to 1 PM. Have a healthy snack at around 3 to 4 PM. Have light supper or dinner around 7 to 8 PM.