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A Classic Beginner’s Workout For Bigger Legs

In most gyms, the leg exercise machines are usually the least used because the average gym goer is only concerned about getting bigger arms...

5 Simple Exercises To Strengthen Your Hand Grip

Hands are often forgotten parts of the body to build some strength. However, it is important to build some grip and forearm strength to help you lift heavy weights better or even carry daily activities better. Strengthen your hand grip with exercises like the ball squeeze, gripper exercise, finger extend exercise, static barbell hold, and dumbbell rotations.

Haven’t Been To The Gym All Week? Do These 5 Moves

After an accidental break from the gym, don’t jump in too fast. Strengthen each side with dumbbell presses. Unlike a barbell, separate weights allow for more freedom of movement. Dumbbell lunges will work out the lower body, while dumbbell deadlifts use the entire body. You can also do plank rows with dumbbells for a total body workout. To get a burst of energy, do explosive jumps over a box or bench.

Workout Routines That Help You Define Rock-Solid Muscles

Working our regularly in the gym is great. But, if you are doing the same exercises for weeks or months now, it can become quite boring. Moreover, the same old workouts may not be as effective as they once used to be. It’s time to scale up and improve the difficulty level if you want to further enhance your muscular appeal. These effective workouts help you sculpt your muscles.

6 Moves For An Explosive Arms Workout

There's probably not a single person who does weight training and does not wish for bigger arms. Powerful, well-developed arms are a visual sign...
Workout plan for tall and heavy set guys

The Best Weight-Loss Workout Plan For Tall And Heavyset Guys

While it's cool and intimidating to be a big and tall guy, it isn't always easy if you're looking to lose a few pounds and get into your best shape. For instance, being big and tall can cause mobility issues, question training methods, or even get in the way of the proper form on some exercises. This makes it highly important for you to zero in on the best workout plan that's ideal for your stature.

9 Simple Exercises That Improve Functional Arm Strength

Improving the strength of your arms is very important. Increased arm strength not only enables you to do exercises that require arm strength but also helps you accomplish everyday tasks more easily. Exercises that develop the arm muscles also increase flexibility, balance, and coordination, which in turn reduces the possibility of injuries. Simple exercises that use body weight, bands and dumbbells help in improving arm strength.

6 Best Chest Exercises That Do Not Require A Bench

If you feel a sharp pain in your shoulders it is probably time you modified your chest building exercise regime by doing away with the bench completely. Take your pick from a number of lifts that target your pectoral muscle development far better than the classic bench press. From floor presses to push-ups, there are plenty of non-bench lifts that can punish your pectorals like never before

The 15-Minute Explosive Workout To Blast Away Those Extra Pounds

Nothing blasts away stubborn fat like high-intensity workouts. It gets your heart really pumping hard and gets you to feel those extra calories burning...

7 Ways To Help You Build Bigger Triceps

Triceps make up most of the upper arm and are bigger muscles than the biceps. Triceps can take more of the pounding and work well with heavy weights and high reps. Mere press downs are not enough for triceps, they focus only on the outer head of the triceps, and so building triceps need much more than just that. Dumbbells, dips and push-down exercises can help. Over-training should be avoided, and there is no virtue in training muscles until they give up.

7 Abs Exercises That Put Crunches To Shame

Most people who're not familiar with weight training think that getting abs is all about doing more and more sit-ups or crunches. However, you...
(the size and width of the shoulder blades)

The Secret To Eliminating Narrow Shoulders

Broad shoulders look great on both men and women. Another advantage of having broad shoulders is that it makes your waist look small. There...
Fight the bra bulge and back fat with seven easy moves.

7 Easy Exercises To Shred That Unattractive Bra Bulge

If you are giving a second thought before wearing that pretty, strapless dress, or still thinking about buying that cute summer top because of...

Effective Exercises To Get Rid Of Folds On Your Back And Sides

Taking care of your back is important to improve your body posture. In the hustle and bustle of today's life, your back suffers a...
A Necessity In The Workout Of The Back Muscle

5 Workouts To Help You Sculpt A Sexy Back

Developing your back will improve posture, reduce pain and inflammation, and increase strength. For a simple and easy move, start with a standard push-up. You can also lay face down on the floor and do reverse snow angels or superman moves. These workouts are great for both your core strength and back stability. If you have dumbbells or a resistance band, try unilateral or bilateral bent over rows or seated rows.