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5 Tips To Keep Your Puppy’s Teeth Healthy

When taking care of your puppy, you might overlook the importance of maintaining oral hygiene. When your puppy is growing, his mouth is busy growing new teeth which need care and attention. By take a few simple steps, you can make sure your puppy's pearly whites are bright and strong.

How To Get Your Lazy Dog To Exercise

Worried that your dog is getting too lazy? There could be a number of reasons why your dog is not as active as he should be. As a dog owner, it's up to you to take the time to know your dog better. These 5 simple solutions should help you get your dog up and running again.

Foods That Are Good And Not So Good For Your Dog

If you're looking for ways beyond store-bought dog food to make your dog's diet healthy, there are a variety of foods at your disposal. From different meats to vegetables and fruits, choose from a range of foods to make your dog's diet tasty and healthy. However, do remember that not all human foods are good for dogs. This list will a give you a clear picture.
natural remedies for dog bites

7 Natural Remedies For Dog Bites

If you have a dog bite, first get it assessed by a doctor. Take anti-tetanus and anti-rabies shots if necessary. To speed up healing, try natural remedies like crushed plantain leaves, neem leaves, cumin seeds, and minced garlic. Neem oil can also be diluted in coconut oil or aloe vera. Some home remedies, like Manuka honey, goldenseal extract, and asafetida powder can be applied directly to the wound.
can dogs eat watermelon

Is Watermelon Good For Dogs?

Watermelon is an excellent snack for dogs, especially in summer. Loaded with vitamins like A, B6 and C, watermelon is low in calories and is a refreshing food for your furry friend. However, before giving the fruit to the dog, all the seeds, including the white ones, need to be removed from it. The rind of the watermelon too should be avoided because both rind and seeds are difficult to digest and could cause digestive issues in dogs.
Signs That Your Dog Is In Pain

9 Tell-Tail Signs That Your Dog Is In Pain

If your dog isn’t feeling well, it may have a faster heart rate with heavy panting. Your pup might also bite when someone touches a painful area, even it already knows them. Take notice if your dog sits and moves differently, because stiff mobility is a significant symptom. Eating problems from pain or nausea will also cause weight loss and bathroom changes. Sometimes, a hurting dog might have low energy and sleep often. Skin redness also signifies inflammation and irritation.

Animal Aromatherapy 101

Most pet owners I know will do anything to keep their furry loved ones healthy, but are oftentimes unsure which natural products to use...

When Is It Too Cold To Take Fido Out?

Do dogs like playing out-of-doors? Well, no prizes for guessing this one. We all know how much our pooches adore their time exploring the outdoors....

Dog Saliva 101: 5 Lesser-Known Facts

Perks of being a pet parent? Boundless joy. Unconditional love. Stray hair everywhere. And dog saliva. Tons of it.Dog Saliva: 5 Fast Facts You...
Benefits of dog therapy

Benefits Of Dog Therapy For Anxiety, Depression, Autism, And More

Are you a dog lover? If so, you know just how friendly dogs can be. Therapy dogs, in particular, are especially sweet and affectionate....
most common phobias and how to overcome

10 Most Common Phobias And How To Overcome Them

According to the National Institute Of Mental Health, approximately 10% of adults are prone to phobias. The underlying reason for phobias are numerous, including,...

7 Reasons Why Dogs Lick Humans: Understand The Love

Dogs are extremely intelligent pets and use a variety of methods to communicate with humans. Licking us is one such method. But, licking can actually have many meanings. The act does not translate to display of affection all the time. Often, it's much more. Seven predominant reasons why dogs lick humans are outlined here. Understanding the actual message your pet is trying to convey through licking will strengthen your relationship with your pet.

5 Yoga Poses To Keep You Healthy In Winter

Winter in Ayurveda is called the Kapha time, meaning a time where we feel a sense of inertia, heaviness, and introspection. The body and...

Autism: Early Signs And Complementary Therapies

While the signs and symptoms of autism vary widely from person to person, few core telltale signs are difficulty in interacting socially with others or peers of same age, weak verbal/non verbal communication skills, and stereotyped or repetitive behaviors. Seeking art, music or swim therapy may greatly help your child learn, grow, and thrive.

4 Habits You Should Cultivate To Attain Inner Peace

Practice daily meditation. Start slowly with 5 mins, then tailor the duration to your need. A good yoga teacher can help you exercise mindfully for more benefit. Walking your dog is a good stress buster exercise. If you do not own one, offer dog walking or dog boarding. Don't judge others when their behavior irks you. They might be stressed or undergoing a crisis. Look at things from varied perspectives.