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why dogs eat poop and how to stop that

Why Do Our Dogs Eat Poop And How Can We Stop Them?

Poop-eating is a very common behavior in dogs. Researchers claim that a dog eats feces when its diet is lacking some essential nutrition or if it's being raised with inadequate attention and playtime. Coprophagia can be seen among many members of the animal kingdom other than dogs. However, it's best to break the habit at an early stage itself with positive reinforcement, care, and dietary modifications.

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Peeing Indoors

Dogs complete the lives of their owners and we love them for it. We raise them like our own. We love them like our own...
Dog owners are healthier and happier than those without dogs.

6 Reasons Why Dog Owners Are Healthier And Happier

Dog owners, on average, have more routine in their life. They are also more active due to the need to walk their dogs. Children who grow up with dogs have better immunity against minor diseases and fall ill less often. They also tend to have better emotional health and be more social. Dogs have been known to detect cancer in their owners. They can be specially trained to assist those with diabetes and regular seizures.

How Often Should Your Pet See A Veterinarian?

Anyone who has a pet knows that pets are just like your babies. They need a lot of care, attention and regular visits to...

Common Symptoms Of Allergies Caused By Pets At Home

Pets, especially those with fur, can cause allergies in humans. Constant exposure to pets results in allergic reactions in some people who already have certain allergies. Dander is the most common allergen and is found on the furniture, clothes, and even in the air. Some unusual pets such as tarantulas can also cause allergic reactions in some persons. Here are the most common symptoms of an allergy caused by pets.

Can Your Pets Stay Healthy On A Vegetarian Diet?

For a vegetarian owner, feeding their pets meat can feel unethical. In a meat-free home, it’s not easy to grow accustomed to cooking meat...
Ways You Are Shortening Your Dog's Life

5 Ways You Are Shortening Your Dog’s Life

Dog's lifespan is 10–13 years, so take good care of them. Overfeeding them can make them obese. Get them regular vaccinated for rabies, parvo, and other diseases. Not everything we eat suits the dogs, so don't feed them with all that you eat. Give them enough exercise and take a good care of their teeth (to prevent from gingivitis). Avoid certain activities for a longer life of your canine partners.

10 Types Of Dog Barks And What They Mean

Having a dog in your life is quite delightful. Dogs are energetic and adorable beings that can brighten up your day in no time....

11 Cheerful Ways To Exercise With Your Dog

Dogs can be your best pals to exercise with. You can count on them as your travel partner; they never run out of energy...

8 Effective Tips For Training Your Dog

It is rightly said that dogs are man's best friend. When you need someone to cheer you up, someone to share your joy with,...

9 Signs You’re Feeding Your Dog The Wrong Food

Dogs are very sensitive to food. The food you give your dog can directly affect their health and behavior. If the food is causing health issues like allergies or if the food is just not nutritious enough, these signs can help you understand whether the problems are food-related.

8 Amazing Ways Dogs Can Improve The Lives Of The Elderly

Life is difficult for elderly people for whom every day is a battle against loneliness. When such people get to interact with dogs, it helps improve their lives in a number of ways. Dogs give them company, help improve their mental condition and heart health, boost their mood, help sharpen their minds, help them stay active, and protect them.

5 Benefits Of Doga: Yoga For You And Your Dog

Doga is a form of yoga, which involves the participation of you and your dog. You can use your dog as a prop as you perform the asanas or you can make it your partner. There are a lot of benefits of doga. It relaxes your dog, helps it heal from injuries, allows it to socialize with other dogs, strengthens your bond with your dog, and relieves your stress.

3 Things All New Dog Owners Should Know

As a dog owner, there are many things I could tell you to help prepare you for bringing a dog into your home. These would...

7 Things You Should Do When You Bring Home A Younger Pet

Adopting a new pet when you already have an older one at home is easy for some, but troublesome for others. It is your duty to make sure that both your pets get time to get acquainted with each other on their own terms. You should focus on your older pet, choose the new pet wisely, feed them separately, and make sure that each of them has their own bed and toys.