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How To Use Lavender Oil For Depression?

The chief constituents of lavender oil are linalyl acetate, terpinen-4-ol, and camphor. It calms the nerves, eases exhaustion, and revitalizes both mind and body. Its refreshing aroma is a mood lifter. It improves circulation and suppresses the stress hormone. Apply topically, ingest orally, add to bath water or massage oil. Avoid pre and postpartum. Use 100% pure organic oil.
Can Frankincense Help Relieve Depression

Can Frankincense Help Relieve Depression?

Frankincense essential oil promotes deep breathing and relaxation, opening up air passages and reducing blood pressure. Its woody, organic scent uplifts your mood and is very effective in dealing with chronic anxiety and depression. It contains neuro-active components that increase oxygen supply to the pineal and pituitary glands in the brain, balancing your hormones.

Anxious, Angry, Mad, Depressed? Blame It On Epigenetics

The epigenome is like a switch on top of your genes, which is influenced by stress in your ancestors' lifetime. It influences your response to stress today. Explore your family's history to look out for inherited stress. Consciously monitor your response to a situation, show empathy , be still, meditate, experiment with eastern holistic therapies and self discover!
Postnatal Depression

How To Treat Postnatal Depression?

As compared to regular baby blues, Postnatal Depression (PND) is more intense, lasts longer and can be dangerous for both mother and child. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps the mother reassess depression cues and replace negative beliefs with positive ones. Adding omega 3 fatty acids to the diet can help. Family and friends need to be supportive.
5 Ways Herbs Heal Your Body

5 Ways Herbs Heal Your Body

Burdock, chicory roots, dandelion and turmeric help detox the liver. Treat stomach disorders with aloe vera, parsley, flaxseed, ginger and licorice. Lemon balm, ashwagandha and valerian help keep stress at bay. Balance your hormones with astralagus and chasteberry. Anti-inflammatory oils are good additions to skin care potions. Take necessary precautions.
Fish Oils Effective To Fight Depression Even In Young Adults

Fish Oils Effective To Fight Depression Even In Young Adults

Fish oils concentrated for EPA and DHA have shown to have positive effects for patients with depression and bipolar disorder when given at recommended dosage levels (e.g., 1,000-3,000 mg EPA+DHA). It improves fluidity of brain cell membranes, Neurotransmitter synthesis and binding and breaks down serotonin, epinephrine and dopamine.

Are My Odd Habits A Symptom Of Concealed Depression?

Certain hidden signs of depression are being exponentially happy, having irregular sleep cycles, abnormal eating habits, inability to focus and being negative. These are difficult to trace as people facing these symptoms usually keep to themselves. Other more common mistakes include weight loss, loss of appetite and feelings of uselessness.
9 Startling Nutrient Deficiencies That Can Cause Depression

9 Shocking Nutrient Deficiencies That Can Cause Depression

An unhealthy diet affects not just your physical but mental health as well. As an organ that accounts for 25% of our metabolic demands, the brain needs constant nourishment that can’t be met with junk food. So along with medication, consume specific nutrient-rich foods to get better results in reducing the risk of depression.
Depression Hurts, Your Bones Included

Dealing With Depression: Best Lifestyle And Medication

Depression is like a severe and prolonged state of stress on bones making osteoporosis more likely. It causes the brain to produce dangerously high levels of hormones that aid bone loss. Studies show that older people with depression have low bone mass indicating osteoporosis. Medications for depression can also increase osteoporosis risk, so opt for a natural cure.

The Mental Aspects Of Antidepressant Withdrawal

Withdrawal from antidepressants is not recommended as your body may be heavily dependent on these chemicals. It takes time, patience and composure to overcome dependency on these pills. Imagine your mind is being shifted like a sapling from a pot to the outdoor. It requires time and security to adjust and throng in its new environment.

Yoga Poses For Mood, Anxiety And Depression

A bad mood can ruin your whole day. Your boss reprimands you, a scuffle with your beau, feeling home sick - no matter whatever caused it, yoga can uplift your mood like no else. Back Bend Pose, Headstand, Corpse pose, Legs up the wall pose, Wide-Angle Standing Forward Bend and Fish Pose can help relieve any stress and relax.

How Is Low Vitamin D Levels Linked To Depression?

Vitamin D regulates the manufacture of key brain chemicals like serotonin that are involved in the regulation of mood. Lower vitamin D3 levels predicted clinically significant depressive symptoms. In addition to vitamin D3, an insufficiency of the long chain omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) found in fish oils have also been linked to depression. Fish oils rich in EPA+ DHA provides powerful nutritional support for brain health and a positive mood. In depression, the recommended dosage is 3,000 mg EPA+DHA daily.
Long Term Sickness: Patient And His Family [Part 1]

Long Term Sickness: The Patient And The Family [Part 1]

It’s been close to a decade since my father passed away. Initially suffering from Cervical Spondylitis, he later slipped and fell down in his...
The Ayurvedic Guide To How Food Impacts Your Mood

The Ayurvedic Guide To How Food Impacts Your Mood

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Prescription Drugs That Cause Depression

Prescription Drugs That Cause Depression

Some prescription drugs can cause or contribute to the development of depression and other mood disorders. What do certain acne, malaria, and smoking cessation prescription...