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sad vs. depressed: know the difference

Depression Vs. Sadness: Know The Difference

Sadness is normal, depression isn’t. Dismissing major clinical depression could put your health or even life at risk. If you’ve been grappling with sadness for months with no reason or if you've suddenly begun eating more or lost your appetite completely, there could be more to it. If you’re finding yourself snapping easily, if you're unable to deal with a lot of what you could before, and if sleep is hard to come by, it's time to consider the possibility that this might just be depression.
A few weird factors are responsible for making it difficult to poop easily.

5 Weird Reasons Why You Cannot Poop

Most of us face problems related to pooping at least once in our lives, and of course, more. Although there is no “right” number...

How Yoga Can Help Millennials In Solving Problems

Millennials are the future. There has been a lot of negative talks about this generation. Like any other generation before them, they have their...
melancholic depression can have a more adverse effect on your mental and physical wellbeing.

6 Symptoms Of Melancholic Depression

The word melancholy comes from the Greek word "melancholia", which means "black bile" and was coined in the fifth century B.C. It was termed...
How Infidelity Affects Your Mental And Physical Health

How Infidelity Affects Your Mental And Physical Health

Infidelity is cheating in a relationship without the knowledge of the partner. It reeks of distrust and amounts to a breach of loyalty. It can be devastating for the person who is cheated and may even emotionally drain them. Infidelity has many negative health repercussions and may even lead to depression in some people. Misunderstandings and ugly confrontations take a toll on the health of both the partners.
exercise and depression

5 Handy Exercise Tips To Beat Depression

Regular exercise, regardless of how intense it is, has been proven to be one of the best remedies for depression. Daily exercise enhances your mood by releasing endorphins in the body. However, you need to keep in mind that it's important to give time for your body and mind to embrace a fitness routine. You can choose your favorite type of exercise and it's alright if you don't feel like going full throttle on some days.
Depression isn't just one disorder, but can manifest itself in many ways.

6 Different Types Of Depression

Today, depression is one of the most prevalent mental disorders and has the capacity to affect our daily functioning. Due to situational circumstances, every...

5 Nutrient Deficiencies That Can Cause Depression

Be it lifestyles, our food choices, or the amount of time we spend working, mental health is a common concern in today’s times. Nutrition and mental health have had a close relationship for a long time now. Either because of the quality of food or the quantity, we are missing out on good food that keeps our brains and minds happy. Micronutrients such as selenium, vitamin B12, vitamin D, omega-3 fats, and iron have a major role to play in maintaining mental health.
Depression is a mental as well as a physical disease

9 Physical Symptoms Of Depression

Thanks to open conversation, mental health has become a topic that more people are talking about without attaching stigma to it. There is a...
A messy home can be maintaining your depressive episodes

Does A Messy Home Contribute To Depression?

Depression is a difficult mental illness to deal with. It comes with mental distress that is already difficult to comprehend and deal with, physical...
Is Semen The New All- Natural Antidepressant For Women?

Is Semen The New All-Natural Antidepressant For Women?

Psychologists have found that a woman's happiness levels and sleep quality could be related to the quantity of semen going into her body during sex. Semen contains a range of mood-boosting and sleep-inducing hormones that enter a woman's blood through her vagina, thus alleviating her mood. However, since unprotected sex comes with its own risks, it is advisable to approach this topic with reasoning and caution.

10 Human Medicines That Are Poisonous For Pets

We know that our pet’s noses will get into everything. Kitchen counters, open purses, backpacks, bedside tables. And these are places where we sometimes...

5 Simple Things That Connect Diabetes And Depression

Diabetes and depression can fuel each other. If you’re struggling with diabetes management, depression is more likely. At the same time, depression may stand in the way of diabetes control. For example, poor diet and physical inactivity are depressive symptoms. They’re also risk factors for diabetic problems! Plus, poor diabetes management can worsen the symptoms of depression. While it’s hard to tell which causes which, this connection should be remembered during treatment.
Health Benefits Of Eating Fava Beans

Want To Fight Depression? Check If Fava Beans Can Help

Depression is a serious mental disorder affecting over 300 million globally! When depressed you may use natural foods like fava beans to get relief. Fava beans rich nutritional properties can help uplift your mood, boost energy level, and improve your motor function.

Major Depressive Disorder: Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment

Clinical depression is a serious mood disorder. Symptoms of this condition include anxiety, negative thinking, irritability, fatigue, headaches, cramps, etc. The causes are not clearly known but can be triggered by substance abuse, stressful events, and certain medications. Treatments for depression include using antidepressants prescribed by a doctor, therapies like interpersonal therapy, and incorporating lifestyle changes like regular exercises, healthy meals, and stress management.