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Taking care of a dementia patient needs a multi-pronged approach.

8 Tips On How To Care For Someone With Dementia

Dementia is a difficult illness to cope with not just for the patient but for caregivers too. Knowing how to help, accepting your limitations, altering how you communicate, using touch and even music or massages may help. Sleeping problems, dietary issues, incontinence, and hallucinations may need medical attention.

3 Differences Between Alzheimer’s And Dementia

Most people and publications interchangeably use the terms dementia and Alzheimer's disease. But, Alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia. Patients with frontotemporal dementia are less spontaneous than those with Alzheimer's. Vascular dementia patients are more depressed while Lewy body dementia patients have better verbal memory skills. Parkinson's disease dementia comes with tremors. Genetics might cause Alzheimer's while alcoholism, vitamin deficiencies, viral infections, and heart disease cause dementia.

10 Medical Reasons For Your Crankiness And Irritability

Many of us tend to feel cranky from time to time and sometimes, for no reason at all. Have you ever wondered why? According...

9 Health Conditions That Can Change Your Personality

It is common for everyone to experience mood changes when they are suffering from an ailment. Even a common cold or flu can make us irritable, less focused, and sad. But, there are many other health conditions, especially mental health disorders, that can have a huge negative impact on our mood resulting in a complete change in our personalities. Understanding these disorders can help you deal with them better.

5 Ways Nature Can Help Regain Your Health

Most of us have forgotten how it truly feels when we connect with nature. Even the mere thought of relaxing on a beach or walking amidst greenery can be a refreshing prospect. From improving your mental health to easing ADHD symptoms, nature can do wonders for your health! So, if you haven't been spending much time outside lately, you should start making plans right away to hit a trail!

Here’s What You Need To Know About Alzheimer’s

Though not commonly acknowledged, Alzheimer’s disease is a significant matter of concern for the elderly and a silent killer. With public health policy makers taking notice about the alarming statistics about the disease prevalence and predictions for the future, research is advancing to figure out a simple, non-invasive test that can validate the presence of the disease. Many studies in this direction conclude that saliva is indeed a biomarker to use for further diagnostics.
Spending Time With Friends May Be More Important Than You Think

5 Reasons We All Need Friends

Our understanding of the word “friends” has drastically changed over the past decade. Facebook and other social media websites have had a large role...
Ways Poor Dental Care Can Affect Your Health

5 Ways Poor Oral Hygiene Can Affect Your Health

Poor oral hygiene can have physical, psychological, and social consequences. Gum diseases can increase the risk of heart diseases and diabetic complications. Teeth loss due to poor oral health can affect your cognition and also lead to dementia or Alzheimer's disease. During pregnancy, it is important to maintain your oral health to prevent preterm birth, miscarriage, and complications in pregnancy. Also, your susceptibility to respiratory infections increases with periodontal diseases.
severe decline in cognitive function

5 Daily Habits That Can Greatly Reduce Your Risk Of Developing Alzheimer’s And Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease and the resulting dementia are a serious concern because the numbers keep increasing every year. According to The Alzheimer's Association's 2017 report, more...
Obesity can have cognitive effects too

5 Ways Being Obese Can Affect Your Brain Function

Obesity is associated with poor motor skills, depression, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, memory deficits, and addiction-like responses. The good news is that most of these effects are reversible with effective weight loss. You may be motivated enough to do this by yourself but it's always better to keep your regime accountable to someone else like a family member or a friend.

3 Comforts Of Touch For Hospice People

Touching someone gives them reassurance, peace and a sense of belonging, especially when they are on the verge of death. It gives a feeling of belonging and that human connection that is very important near death. It helps them to get through their misery in a much more easier way than how it actually is. It helps them to relax, feel some happiness and also if given a massage soothes their senses. You can approach them while they are sleeping with gentle petting, and some light massages. Using oils for massages will also help. It is also good to make them feel good with touching them or massaging them thoughtfully, gently, rhythmically and lightly.

5 Ways Obesity Messes With Your Brain Functioning

More than 37% of adults in US are obese. Obesity adversely affects each vital organ in the human body. The way it affects the brain is often irreversible. Studies claim that obesity is can cause memory loss, sleep disorders, food addiction. In infants born to obese women poor neurodevelopmental growth has also been reported.
difference between alzheimer's and dementia

Difference Between Alzheimer’s And Dementia

Dementia and Alzheimer's disease are often considered to be one and the same, but there are notable differences. While Alzheimer's disease is a form of dementia, the latter is a collection of many syndromes. Symptoms common to both conditions include memory loss, difficulties with concentration and orientation, loss of language control and visuospatial skills, and mood and behavior changes. With time, the severity and number of symptoms increase. There is no cure for either condition and treatment for both involves a combination of medicines, alternative remedies, and therapeutic approaches that can slow down the degenerative process.
Diseases Pets and Humans Share

5 Diseases Which Affect Humans And Our Pets

Many of the major diseases humans suffer from occur in our pets too. While treatment options can vary between the two, the seriousness of the...

7 Reasons Why Children Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Use Handheld Devices

In the last few decades, technology has drastically changed how human beings live and interact with each other. Compared to how things were 20 years...