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The One-Minute Practice To Help You De-Stress After A Hard Day’s Work

Whether you're working to meet your deadlines or busy managing your family, it's sometimes hard to take time out to go to the gym...
These Six Tips Will Help You Poop Gloriously

These Six Tips Can Help You Poop Better

Pooping can be awesome when you don’t have to deal with constipation, diarrhea, or any other gastrointestinal discomfort. Some after-poop experiences are simply glorious...

9 Easy Ways To De-Stress And Relax

In today’s fast paced world, there is no dearth of the stressors that we are left to deal with, in our environment. And whether...

6 Foolproof Ways To De-Stress Yourself

When on edge, try listening to some of your favorite music or take a cold shower to drown out your worries. Learning to say no to extra work will stop you from feeling too overwhelmed while engaging yourself in philanthropist activities can help make you feel a lot more positive. Getting some exercise every day helps bring down your stress hormones and releases endorphins that help elevate your mood.
If You’re Extremely Stressed, Here Are Some Things You Can Try Out

Why It’s Important To De-stress And Ways To Go About It

“Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days When our momma sang us to sleep but now we're stressed out” If you relate...
These Simple Tips Will Help You De-Stress At Your Desk

These 5 Simple Tips Will Help You De-Stress At Your Desk

Stress at work demands relaxation. And when you have very little time at hand, de-stress at your desk with simple methods like deep breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, visualizing your happy place, laughing, and engaging your senses. You could also gently massage your ear lobes, doodle for a bit, or even stare at a wall to relieve yourself of unwanted stress.

7 Helpful Tips For Women With ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects about 4 percent of American adults. And it’s harder for women to cope, thanks to society’s expectations, and symptoms in them are mostly overlooked. The first step to management is to get diagnosed. To control hyperactivity, exercise regularly. Practice stress-relieving activities and give yourself breaks. Simplify your life to reduce unnecessary stressors. A support group greatly helps, so communicate with family, friends, and other women with ADHD.

10-Minute De-Stress Practice

Sit comfortably on a chair or on the floor. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen. Gently close your eyes. Begin by exhaling out of your mouth. Then breathe in and out through your nose. Inhale and expand your abdomen. Exhale and soften, keeping the chest lifted. Take long, smooth inhalations, exhalations. Continue this pattern for 10 mins.

7 Health Benefits Of Coloring For Adults

Coloring is no more just a kids activity. Several researches have found coloring for adults helps heal many mental illnesses and also help the adults lead a more relaxed and happy life.

How To De-Stress This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, and this special time of year can bring excitement and joy, and also lay the groundwork for some serious anxiety and stress.

Scale It Down: 8 Tips To Lose Weight And Feel Good

Here are some unique weight-loss tips that do not view weight-loss as a punishment; instead makes you feel good and more confident about yourself.
Yoga Asanas To Cure Depression, Stress, And Anxiety

Yoga Asanas For The Depressed, Stressed, And Anxious Souls

Yoga is an excellent adjunct therapy that calms and rejuvenates your mind when dealing with depression, stress, and anxiety. If practiced daily, yoga can help...

5 Ways To De-Stress And Kick-Start Your Morning

A positive start to your day can propel you through your daily humdrum. Begin with a prayer, thanking your Creator for all that you have. It will help calm you. Hold a few stretches and take some deep breaths to warm your body up and get your blood pumping. Subsequently, drink an 8 oz glass of lemon or mint water to rejuvenate. Logically prioritize your top 5 tasks for the day.
Are Exercises Sufficient To Get Those Killer Flat Abs?

Are Exercises Sufficient To Get Those Killer Flat Abs?

No, factors like genetics, percentage of body fat, dietary choices, stress and lack of sleep also are responsible. You must consume high fiber foods, do regular posture building exercises like planks and back extensions. You must also indulge in a de-stress routine like meditation or a hobby and practice yoga asanas like Uthkatasana and Naukasana.
3 De-Stressing Techniques To Be More Productive at Work

3 De-Stressing Techniques To Be More Productive at Work

Those who practice yoga regularly report that they feel less stressed and have a better quality of sleep. Meditation increases concentration and creativity, which increases mental acuity and efficiency at work. Exercise not only improves your overall health and wellness, but it helps deplete stress hormones and releases feel-good chemicals into the brain.