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Should You Let Your Baby Cry Itself To Sleep?

Sleep training is a significant milestone sleep-deprived new parents feel they can’t get to soon enough. But what is the right way to get your baby slumbering peacefully? Are the pangs and trauma of “cry it out” worth it? If you’re worried that letting your baby cry itself to sleep may harm them, recent research might interest you.

Baby’s First Cry All You Need To Know

Ever wondered why babies cry right after birth? There are interesting beliefs and grandma’s tales about babies crying soon after birth, none of which...

12 Images That Perfectly Capture The Beauty Of Birth

Every birth is different. Some take countless hours, while others happen in mere minutes. Some are smooth and easy, while others are weighed down...

Why Is My Baby Crying?

Babies cry differently based on whether they are hungry or in discomfort. Never shake the baby to stop it from crying as it can lead to brain damage or even death. Very high-pitched crying, 3 times higher than a normal cry, that persists, or sometimes very low-pitched crying that persists, can be associated with severe or chronic illness. Seek medical advice immediately.
Busted! 6 Weight Loss Myths That Will Make You Cry

Busted! 6 Weight Loss Myths That Will Make You Cry.

-Starving does not aid weight loss but instead stores body fat; -Don't avoid fat, it is required by the body and olive oil/flax seeds are good fat; -Don't avoid carbs but limit consumption amount; -Meat is not all protein, has a lot of fat; 30 mins continuous exercise is not the only way, break-up your workout and it works the same. -Vegan doesn't necessarily mean healthy.
14 Ways How Onions Add Punch To Your Food And Health.

14 Ways How Onions Add Punch To Your Food And Health.

The onion, known scientifically as Allium cepa, derives its name from the Latin word unio, which means "single," or "one"—reflecting of the onion plant...