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Why Do I Cry For No Reason? 10 Possible Reasons

Do you find yourself crying for no obvious reason? Premenstrual syndrome, perimenopause, menopause, and depression could lie at the root of the issue. So can sleep deprivation, stress and burnout, pseudobulbar affect, postcoital dysphoria, vitamin B12 deficiency, low blood sugar, or thyroid problems.

6 Sincere Ways To Help Your Partner Deal With Loss

Two people grow up together in a relationship. In that process of growing up in life, two people can go through a myriad ups...

5 Realizations You Will Have In The First 24 Hours Of Having Your Baby

Meeting your baby after nine months of waiting is an exciting event. You will be overwhelmed with a lot of emotions. In the midst...

Procedures Doctors Follow Immediately After Your Baby Is Born

After birth, your baby’s health becomes the priority—the extra-uterine life is new for them and doctors need to make sure they are adapting well...

Why Does My Kitty Cry In The Night?

Have you been wondering why your kitty begins howling, as the clock strikes 12 at night? Welcome to the cat-parents club. Take heart. You...

15 Reasons Babies Cry After A Breastfeed

Breastfeeding is not just nourishment for your baby. Breastfeeding is a way of developing an emotional bond with your baby. It is a way...

Not Responding To Your Baby’s Cries Can Harm Brain Development

Babies cannot communicate with words like we do since their brains are still developing. So, the only way for babies to communicate is to...

Importance Of Baby Bonding: 5 Ways To Bond With Your Baby

Babies cry because they are hungry, thirsty, lonely, in pain, tired, stressed, overwhelmed, or at discomfort. Your baby might seem to ask for attention all...
If you exercise during your period, you've probably had these 10 thoughts.

10 Thoughts Every Woman Has While Exercising On Her Period

Exercising on your period has many benefits like alleviating cramps, helping improve mood and reducing stress and anxiety. Make sure to choose the right clothing, and the right products to prevent discomfort. Irritability, mood swings and anger are normal during this time and may be reduced after working out. Maintaining proper hygiene is very important during this time as well. Ensure that you get plenty of rest to recuperate from your session of physical activity.
why do babies cry at night

Why Do Babies Cry At Night? 9 Possible Reasons

Babies below 6 months cry at night because of hunger or thirst, wet or soiled nappy, too little or too much swaddling, disturbed sleep, colic or any other pain, and illness. For babies above 6 months, teething can be a reason. Or they might crave the parents' touch. Interestingly, some babies cry to prevent moms from a subsequent pregnancy. Soothe your baby into sleep at a fixed hour daily, wrap her loosely, and feed her before she is hungry.

5 Things I Wish I’d Known About Early Pregnancy

For some reason, I thought pregnancy was going to be a breeze. Not so much. Here are the top 5 things about finding out I am...
One Sperm Out Of Millions Becomes Lucky:13 Surprising Pregnancy Facts That All Dads Should Know

13 Surprising Pregnancy Facts That All Dads Should Know

Getting ready to welcome your little guest? Like all dads-to-be, you will be anxious. As you witness your partner’s pregnancy, chances are that you...
first cry of newborn baby

First Cry Of Newborn Baby: All You Need To Know

After relying on the mother for her oxygen supply in the womb a forceful cry helps a baby breathe on her own - it expands and fills up her lungs and clears any residual amniotic fluid from her nose, mouth, and lungs. A baby’s cry can also give us clues about her health, for instance higher pitched cries have been associated with infants who are at risk for autism.

10 Ways To Get Over A Breakup Fast

Breaking things off with a loved one can hurt like hell. But sometimes you have to realize you have reached a dead end, and...

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Do Yoga

Yoga is not meant for the frail, overly gregarious, or childish. Re-evaluate whether you are cut out for this ancient discipline. Can you handle the truth?