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7 Ways To Add More Veggies To Your Diet

Everyone loves to indulge themselves with mashed potatoes, cream, some pasta, or roasted red meat. But, such cravings for starchy carbs can cost you as these foods are high in calories and low in fiber content. Carbohydrates are a healthy option when consumed moderately. However, swapping starchy carbs for some fresh vegetables can balance your diet and aid your weight-loss efforts. Be creative with your veggies dishes by adding a variety of other ingredients.
health benefits of arugula

Health Benefits Of Arugula: The Mighty Microgreen

Arugula is a nutrient-rich powerhouse that gives you a variety of health benefits. It can help prevent cancer, maintain good eye and bone health, and boost immunity. Arugula leaves can also protect liver function and aid in weight management. Use arugula in salads or add raw to cooked foods like pasta, vegetables, and soups.

8 Everyday Foods That Help Prevent Pancreatic Cancer

Your pancreas does the important job of regulating digestion as well as blood sugar levels by secreting insulin. Pancreatic cancer is difficult to detect early so it's important to take steps to prevent it. Foods that can help are turmeric, paprika, garlic, broccoli, bell peppers, whole grains, nuts, orange fruits like squash and carrots. These foods all contain anti-cancer properties which inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
The color of your poop largely depends on our diets

Check Your Poop To Know If You Are Getting Enough Greens

It is important for us to check what goes in our body and what comes out as well. If we are eating well, not only...

Eight Healthy Foods That Cause Bloating

A bloated stomach can feel extremely uncomfortable and in some cases may even cause abdominal pain. Bloating usually takes place when our friendly gut...
That Will Help You Fall Asleep Quickly

7 Snacks That Will Give You The Best Sleep Of Your Life

After-dinner snacking has always been on the forbidden list for every weight watcher. However, there is now surprising research that says certain midnight snacks...
9 Fantastic Sources Of Calcium Other Than Milk Products

9 Fantastic Sources Of Calcium Other Than Milk Products

Calcium is an essential nutrient that is extremely important for healthy bone development and for overall health. All dairy products are a rich source of this essential nutrient. But, some people may not like the taste of milk or milk products or may be lactose intolerant because of which they do not consume these products depriving them of the required calcium. They can instead consume other foods that provide calcium.

7 Sneaky Ways To Eat More High-Protein Vegetables

Many vegetables offer protein but don’t limit yourself to salads. Edamame makes for a delicious and silky soup. Artichoke hearts can be blended with cheese for a creamy dip. For hummus with a twist, swap chickpeas for green peas. Add steamed broccoli to pesto for a protein boost. Bake kale for crispy chips. Mushrooms can be made into a sauce and mung bean sprouts can be blended with chia seeds for a delicious spread.
10 Fruits And Vegetables That Aren't So Healthy After All

10 Fruits And Vegetables That Aren’t So Healthy After All

All fruits and vegetables are excellent health foods and are recommended by experts around the world. But, some fruits and vegetables have certain drawbacks that we must be aware of to avoid unwanted health complications. Fruits and veggies that may have high sugar or salt content, or contain harmful chemicals used to preserve them can be detrimental to our health. Such fruits and veggies must be avoided.
Foods that have medicinal properties

7 Medicinal Foods You Need To Eat More Of

Opening up your medicine cabinet every time you fall sick might help you recover faster, but can also leave you with several side effects....
Foods That Have The Highest Fiber Content

7 Of The Best Fiber-Rich Foods You Can Eat

For something as essential as fiber, few of us get as much of it as we need. According to the FDA, if you eat...
There are certain power foods that can help you must incorporate in your diet.)

14 Power Foods To Fulfill Your Nutrient Content

Power foods are those foods that you can consume by cooking in the blink of an eye and still reap a lot of health...
8 Food Swaps To Make You Slimmer And Healthier

8 Food Swaps To Make You Slimmer And Healthier

The secret to losing weight is to consume fewer calories. Substituting regular yogurt with Greek yogurt will fill you up with protein while sneaking veggies into dishes like cauliflower mash and omelettes will give you a healthy dose of fiber which will keep you feeling full for long. Ditching carbonated drinks and opting for zero-calorie fruit-infused water is also an easy way to cut down on calories!
Gut Bacteria Can Protect You From The Flu

Gut Bacteria Can Protect You From The Flu

To protect yourself from the flu, focus on the gut. Clostridium orbiscindens – a good bacterium – breaks down flavonoids creating metabolites that enhance antiviral ability, so eat a flavonoid-rich diet. Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit and berries like blackberries and elderberries are top choices. Dark chocolate, red cabbage, and chickpeas are also high in flavonoids. Black or green tea will also help, even if you already have the flu.
There are certain superfoods which have better and cheaper alternatives.)

5 ‘Superfoods’ That Are Not All That They’re Cracked Up To Be

While several “superfoods” trend in the health sites today, we are actually yet to see the benefits of some of them. The trend of...