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How To Get A Flat Belly Even After You’re 40

After the age of 40, it gets difficult to maintain your weight. To get rid of belly fat and achieve a flat stomach, it is important to eat a balanced diet and say no to crash diets. Get enough vitamin D and calcium in your food and avoid eating after midnight. You can also consider strength training or yoga to lose the excess fat and attain a fit body.
Reasons A Crash Diet Before Your Wedding Is A Bad Idea

4 Reasons A Crash Diet Before Your Wedding Is A Bad Idea

A diet right before your wedding may help you shed those extra pounds really quickly. However, it’s a bad idea because it is likely to affect your health negatively. You’re bound to regain the weight you lose later, be exhausted and irritable, look dull, and fall sick often. A balanced diet implemented over a period of a few months alongside regular exercise is a better way to stay fit and look great on your big day.

7 Weight Loss Quick Fixes That Are Not Worth Your Time

Liquid diets, detoxes, supplements and crash diets do more harm than good. In most cases, there is not enough research to back their effectiveness. They are impractical to keep up in the long run. They lead to more weight gain and can have harmful effects on the body if done without medical supervision. The healthiest way to lose weight won't give you immediate results but it keeps your body truly fit and healthy.

5 Rapid Weight Loss Techniques That Aren’t Good

Many of us are desperate to lose weight in a short period of time. We want to see big results in no time at...

Your Crash Diet May Lead To Weight Gain! Do This Instead!

Crash diets lead to internal swelling, slow down metabolism and trigger body into fat storage mode. Excluding fiber-rich veggies stalls the digestive system - slowing elimination process. Toxins seep back into the blood stream causing inflammation that leads to fat storage. Low-calorie diet increases hunger hormone levels. Instead eat good quality protein and fats.

6 Unconventional Diet Tips For Weight Loss Success

Avoid starting with a crash diet or with something that didn't work the last time you tried. Your diet should improve digestion, ease inflammation, reduce stress and be nutrient-rich to curb the body's tendency to store fat. Focus on healing. Lose weight slowly and steadily. Accept and address the emotional reasons that are causing you to turn to food for comfort.