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How A Baby Feels During Delivery

Your baby is to arrive soon. You have probably done your part of research about what to expect during the labor. But, do you...

7 Things That You Need To Know When You Breastfeed

Pregnancy can be amazing and brings some super crazy changes to your body! If you think the hormones playing around your body would stop...

We Ask Mums: Contractions vs Pushing

This week on the Pregnancy Exercise Facebook page we had an interesting discussion around contractions vs pushing and which was more challenging. I’m definitely Team...

Sex During Pregnancy: Is It Safe For Both Mom And Baby?

In a low-risk pregnancy, sex during pregnancy is safe. It doesn't induce labor or miscarriage or hurt the baby. Just find the time, position, and type of activity, barring anal sex, that suits you best. But if you have a prematurely dilated cervix, a low-lying placenta, heavy bleeding while pregnant, and a history of miscarriages or premature births, avoid sex as much as you can.
Upright Birthing: 9 Incredible Benefits Of Giving Birth Upright

9 Incredible Benefits Of Giving Birth Upright

When you think of a woman giving birth, you imagine her lying on her back and pushing her baby out with great difficulty. Out of...

How Vinyasa Yoga Can Ease Labor And Delivery

Scared or nervous about labor? Here is how vinyasa yoga can prepare your mind and body well for a healthy and normal delivery.

What to expect in the delivery room (from the first contraction to the first...

No two births are the same. And many mums won’t tell you the gory details about what really goes down in the delivery room....

Simple Natural Remedies To Keep Wrinkles Away

Wrinkles can be caused due to sun damage, facial muscle contractions, smoking and rapid weight loss. Some natural remedies to get rid of wrinkles are applying egg whites, castor oil, coconut oil, a paste of turmeric and sugarcane juice, pineapple, juice of apples, crushed green Thompson seedless grapes and Vitamin E capsules.