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remedies for constipation during pregnancy

How To Relieve Constipation During Pregnancy

In early pregnancy, constipation could be due to elevated levels of hCG hormones while in late pregnancy, it is progesterone. Other causes of pregnancy constipation include the growing baby pressing against the bowels, reduced physical activity, anxiety, iron supplementation and poor fluid intake. Adding more fiber to your diet and drinking plenty of water often help. You could also try bulk-forming agents, laxatives or probiotics to ease your bowels. Re-evaluating your prenatals is important, so is some daily exercise.
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Fatigue, nausea, the growing size of your belly, and uncontrollable mood swings are just some of the things that make you want to stay...
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Top 10 Fruits That Help Relieve Constipation

Constipation or uneasy, infrequent bowel movement is a bane because of the toxins it builds up in the body. Eating fruits is an all-natural remedy, in fact, a sweet way of relieving constipation. Best high-fiber fruits that work as natural laxatives include ripe bananas, passion fruit, avocados, berries, pomegranates, guavas, pears, kiwis, and apples. To maximize the benefits, eat the whole fruit including the skin if it is edible.
foods that help you poop

3 Types Of Food That Will Help You Poop Better

To relieve constipation, opt for fiber-rich foods and increase your fluid intake. Berries, unpeeled apples or pears, avocado, leafy greens, squash, whole-grain cereals, brown rice, and rye bread are natural laxatives. Additionally, resistant starches cooked and cooled potatoes or green bananas help too.

6 Effective and Simple Home Remedies For Constipation

If you constantly find yourself having to live with constipation, it can get frustrating, time-consuming, and even painful. Laxatives and all manner of artificial remedies are at hand, but is there a gentler way to solve the problem? Natural treatments to cure constipation aren’t complicated at all. And they are a lot easier on you too. In fact, you should be able to get started with some right after you finish reading this article!

Toilet Talk: What Your Poop Says About Your Health

Brown, soft, smooth stool with bearable odor is natural. Deviations either indicate your diet patterns or digestive malfunctions (e.g., black stool may indicate excess iron pill intake or upper GI bleeding). Raise fluid and fiber intake; eat fermented foods (e.g., pickles), avoid sugar, caffeine, painkillers like codeine; exercise; and squat to defecate rather than sit. Visit a doc if there's a drastic change in stool type.

Too Much Of Anything Is A Bad Thing: Watch Your Iron Intake

Though it helps in immunity, metabolism, and oxygen delivery, excess iron may cause cancer and heart diseases, speed up aging, and worsen Alzheimer's. Avoid supplements unless prescribed by your doc for intense workouts, to fight iron deficiency, or during pregnancy or menopause. It's better to eat pulses, whole grains, plant sources (spinach, dark leafy greens) than animal sources.

10 Benefits Of Including Raw Food In Your Diet

Raw foods like fruits, nuts and vegetables have been a part of our diet since ages because they are naturally tasty and healthy. They are satiating, so less is more. They are gentle on the digestive system and reduce heartburn, gas, indigestion and constipation. Lower number of free radicals lowers your risk of cancer. To top it, they are also easy to prepare and clean up after!
How to Relieve Constipation Quickly and Naturally

Quick Natural Remedies for Constipation

Natural Remedies for Constipation Constipation is one of few topics that you discuss freely even with family and friends. The problem is literally subdued behind closed...
Health benefits of black radish

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Black Radish

Black radishes are a root vegetable with a black skin and white flesh. Incorporate black radish in your diet to treat cough, stimulate your liver, regulate blood pressure, prevent constipation, and treat hyperthyroidism. Cut a cap in the radish, as you do to the watermelon, and add a teaspoon of sugar. Leave overnight and you will see juice formed. Consume a tsp of juice after meals to treat cough.
Natural Constipation Remedies You Should Know

Natural Home Remedies For Constipation

Constipation can put a stop to any of your daily routines and make you feel miserable all the time. It can be tiresome. But a few simple tweaks to your daily diet and lifestyle can cure you of this condition. Consider these 10 home remedies to cure constipation.
7 Natural Ways to Relieve Constipation without Over the Counter Laxatives

7 Natural Ways to Relieve Constipation Without Over the Counter Laxatives

  Constipation is one of the most common and easily noticeable signs that something is not right with the stomach, intestines, or general digestive system....