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Food gives us the energy to evolve and to be enlightened.

Why Food Is Life, According To The 5 Koshas

We eat to satisfy our hunger, our cravings, and to get enough energy to go on with our life. But there is more to the food we eat. Everything and everyone come from the all-pervasive Brahman (Consciousness), and this applies to food as well. The food we eat should remind us about the Brahman that resides in us, which we can use to evolve and grow toward enlightenment.

How To Stop The Unwanted Voices In Your Head

Your negative emotions may manifest in your mind as loud voices or fearful projections of your future. There is no quick-fix technique to help you get rid of them. You need to allow your mind to be free and let your thoughts run wild. You will be able to find peace when you do so. Let go of control and don't force yourself to stay in this place of peace or you will end up running in circles.

10 Common Causes Of Hypnagogic Hallucinations

Are you experiencing vivid colors, or especially those odd images before falling asleep? Perhaps, some sounds or voices in the darkness of your bedroom...

Activating The Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland, shaped like a tiny pine cone (pinea in Latin) from where it derives its name. This...

10 Heart Failure Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

One in every three people mistakes heart failure for something else or mostly dismisses the symptoms as those of aging. Here are 10 signs...

The Journey From Basic Needs To Higher Consciousness

As you struggle to meet your needs and seek values from your setbacks, you recognize your potential. And as you aim to make a difference and to be brave and kind, your dealings with others get imbued with love and trust. This takes you to a higher consciousness of a wish to serve others. On this journey from needs to consciousness, don't doubt your worth, accept the past, and press on, focused on your purpose.

3 Steps To Knowing Perfect Love

Perfect Love teaches us through itself and through lessons that life brings - that we can have faith; that there is goodness in them if we will surrender to them. We learn the goodness in the lesson by surrendering to it, not resisting it. The evidence of the act of Love is that what emerges from it, is a new consciousness that places us in a new relationship with the world, both outside and inside.

6 Tips To Shun Body-Shame And Build A Positive Body Image

Is your body-shame turning you into a social recluse? If you draw up a list of people you admire, you'll see you love them for more than their looks. Remember the times you felt great about yourself and relive them. Exercise regularly, walk confidently, head held high, and make eye contact. Surround yourself with positive people and love yourself for who you are.
Should I Be Worried About Fainting Often?

Should I Be Worried About Fainting Often?

Fainting can occur due to stress, dehydration, low BP/blood sugar or standing for long under the sun. If it occurs without these triggers then it could be due to nervous or cardiac disorders. Warning signs include frequent yawning, sweating, giddiness, nausea, blurry eyes and ringing ears. Consult a doctor and get tests done if it reoccurs 2-3 times a month.
Decoding The Ancient Dharma Teachings Of Ayurveda

Decoding The Ancient Dharma Teachings Of Ayurveda

Ayurveda teaches the path of the fulfillment of individual dharma as a way to stay healthy spiritually, psychologically and physically. Disease strikes when we stray from the course of dharma. When the dharmik content of our thoughts and actions is denied, blocked or resisted by us, ill health at the physical, psychological, or spiritual level will manifest.
Being Healthy Vs Being Alive: Knowing The Difference

Being Healthy Vs Being Alive: Knowing The Difference

Being healthy has become a lifestyle. It does not mean anymore not being sick. Our modern life generates stress at all levels (emotional, physical, mental, social) that in the end we simply survive and are not really being alive. If we are on constant survival mode, there is not much left in us to flourish personally and spiritually in our journey on earth!