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6 Ways The Compound Capsaicin Can Benefit Your Health

By neutralizing certain neuropeptides that trigger inflammation, capsaicin helps fight inflammation-related disorders. It's antibacterial properties are helpful in fighting congestion, while it's ability to kill unhealthy gut bacteria helps promote digestive health. Research proves that capsaicin can help boost heart health as well as cause the death of prostate cancer cells. Additionally, it can also help fight obesity by activating a protein that regulates body weight and metabolic function.

5 Essential Oils That Can Help Treat Common Illnesses

Lemon oil is full of antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are useful in curing flu while lavender oil works wonders for curing phlegm and chest congestion. Peppermint oil is beneficial in curing headaches and skin rashes can easily be cured with some chamomile oil. Adding a few drops of ginger oil to some herbal tea and drinking it 20 minutes before your meals can improve digestive disorders.

Use Bath Salts To Treat Your Body From Head To Toe

Bath salts are not just about giving you a relaxing bath! They have certain health benefits that target you head-to-toe. The many minerals in bath salts help to detox the body, heal bruises, exfoliate the skin, relieve blocked nose/sinus congestion, and more. Use it to soak, take some steam, or apply on wounds. Ensure you pick natural, pure bath salts from reputable sources for the best results.

Amazing Facts About Honey: The Magical Healing Elixir

The use of honey in medicinal recipes dates back to many centuries. Raw honey is the purest form of honey, which is unfiltered, unpasteurized,...

Clear Nasal Congestion And Blocked Sinuses Using Your Fingers

Allergy and flu seasons come with nasal congestion and heaviness in the head. It is very difficult to breathe when that happens. This congestion...
Lymphatic congestion can be treated naturally

Simple Ways To Relieve Lymphatic Congestion Naturally

When you have a sore throat and the glands in the neck and under the jaw get swollen, it is often a symptom of...
health benefits of cardamom tea

9 Reasons Why Cardamom Tea Is Good For You

Cardamom tea is a popular beverage with a long list of health benefits. It is nutrient-rich and can protect you from heart diseases, cancer, constipation, and dental problems. Drinking cardamom tea can make your hair and skin look healthy while protecting your skin from infections. It can boost your immunity and also your metabolism that can help you lose weight. Avoid drinking cardamom tea if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or allergic to cardamom.
health benefits of eating onions

6 Ways Onions Are Super Beneficial To Your Health

Onions are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They are one of the most commonly used vegetables across the world. Being rich in antioxidants, flavonoid polyphenols, and quercetin, daily intake of onion can benefit us in many ways. Researchers have proven its potent cardioprotective, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and cancer-preventive actions too. Even in upper respiratory illnesses, onions can bring relief.

How A Spoon A Day Of Apple Cider Vinegar Can Transform Your Health In...

Vinegar has been used in folk and traditional medicine for thousands of years. Raw, organic, unfiltered and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar was used by medical...

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Chironji You Need To Know

With various nutritional and health benefits, different parts of the chironji (Buchanania lanzan) plant are widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. Chironji seeds, especially, are used...

Cold Water Or Warm Water – Which Is Better To Drink?

The first thing that people living in sunny regions do to quench their thirst is to open the refrigerator and reach for that bottle...
Health Benefits Of Black Pepper

11 Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Black Pepper For The Body And Mind

Be it giving a dish a slight tang or completely spicing it up, black pepper can be used with any type of cuisine. But...

9 Symptoms Of An Oyster Allergy

It’s good to know if you’re allergic to a type of shellfish called oysters. After all, shellfish are some of the most common allergens...
Do You Have A Mouth Breathing Problem?

Mouth Breathing: Causes, Side Effects, And Treatment

Mouth breathing, instead of the nose, is bad for respiratory tract tissues and oral cavity as it fails to warm and clean the air. Causes can be nasal congestion due to allergies, upper respiratory infections, swollen tonsils or crooked septum. It causes sleep apnea, ADHD, affects the spine and facial skeleton, leads to crooked teeth, bad breath, cavities and heart disease.
What Are Best And Worst Foods For Sinus Congestion?

What Are Best And Worst Foods For Sinus Congestion?

Your eating habits play an important role in clearing up or aggravating your sinus congestion. Spicy food, chicken soup, tea, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, grapefruit, and lemon can help give you relief. But stay clear from fried food, starchy foods, refined vegetable oils, ice cream, and soft drinks.