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9 Causes Of Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

Having to deal with bleeding once a month is, in itself, quite frustrating for most women. Which is why it's completely natural to be...

Can The Use Of IUDs Lower Your Risk Of Cervical Cancer?

An Intrauterine Device (IUD) is a tiny device a woman can put into her uterus to prevent a pregnancy. It is usually a small piece of...

The Common Causes Of Penis Allergies

If your penis is irritated after sex, it could be an allergic reaction. It’s possible to have a latex allergy, so try synthetic condoms. Fragrances, colors, flavors, and spermicides in condoms or lubricants may not agree with your skin. Even products on your partner’s body can cause irritation. Use lube to avoid friction from dry sex, and know that men can get a yeast infection after having unprotected sex with a woman who has one.

Top 10 Condom Myths Debunked

When it comes to sexual health and well-being, it is vital that every individual has their facts straight. Sex-ed classes may have prepared us...

All You Need To Know About A Latex Condom Allergy

There’s no better way to prevent sexually transmitted infections than wearing a condom. But, if wearing one is causing itchy, dry, and burning skin with rashes down there, it’s probably because you’re allergic to latex condoms. Repeated exposure to latex condoms when you’re allergic may even lead to an anaphylactic shock. In such a situation, seek immediate medical help. Switching to condoms made of polyurethane or natural membranes can prevent future allergic reactions.

Is Your Birth Control Causing Acne?

Did you know that your acne can be a side-effect of your birth control? Certain forms of contraception like androgen-based oral pills, depot shots, hormonal IUDs, and sub-dermal implants can cause acne. They contain the male hormone, androgen, that triggers breakouts. If your birth control is causing acne flare-ups, talk to your doctor and consider using an alternative form of contraceptive.
Myths Associated With Pregnancy Can Be Perilous If Taken Seriously

8 Widely Held Pregnancy Myths Debunked

Myths associated with pregnancy can be perilous if taken seriously. It is essential that every individual has all the facts in hand so that...

7 Reasons You Refuse To Answer Questions About Your Baby’s Conception

Babies aren't delivered by storks that is what makes them interesting. Many people wish to know more than that a couple is pregnant and...
Our hormonal health must be kept in check so that we stay happy

7 Steps To Keep Your Hormones In Check And Find Happiness

Every fertile woman on earth goes through that time every month when anger, irrationality, irritation, exhaustion, depression, and anxiety, all of them work together...
Nausea is a common side effect of birth control pills.

Reasons For And Prevention Of Nausea Caused By Birth Control Pills

The first birth control pill was introduced in 1960 and since then, women have started relying on them to prevent pregnancy. It has been...

Everything You Need To Know About Female Condoms

Female condoms are nonreusable, latex-free condoms that are as effective as the usual ones in protecting you and your partner from STDs and preventing unwanted pregnancies. These condoms are inserted into your vagina or anus, depending on the intercourse and may take some practice to get them right. These also give women a control over their sex lives.

5 Everyday Habits You’ve Been Doing Wrong All Your Life

Excessive showering can deplete your skin's protective layer, causing it to become dry, while pushing the penis into a condom till the very end can cause tearing of the latex, thus increasing the risk of unwanted pregnancies. There are many other everyday practices such as these like drying our hands under an electric blower and using ordinary lube when trying to conceive that we've been doing wrong all throughout.
Contraception For Women Over 40

5 Contraception Options To Consider After Your 40th Birthday

In your forties, a lot of things change. You seem to be finding a new grey hair every morning, the creases by your eyes...
There are many causes to painful sex

9 Things That Can Cause Painful Sexual Intercourse In Women

Pain during sexual intercourse is a common problem. Most often, it is a result of reduced lubrication. This can be caused by menopause, birth control pills, and certain allergy medication. Other causes include infections like bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. Having sex too soon after childbirth can be painful too. In any case, it is better to use lubricants and be gentle and slow with movement.
Condom Facts

9 Bizarre Condom Facts Most People Don’t Know

We all know that condoms are also nicknamed jimmies. But did you know they're also called scumbags? Did you know people in the past had to use condoms made from pigs' intestines? Also, contrary to popular belief, 40% of condom sales are thanks to proactive women who take responsibility for their sexual health. Here are some more strange facts about the world's most beloved barrier method of contraception – the condom.