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11 Powerful Reasons Why Reading A Book Everyday Can Optimize Your Brain’s Health

Are you a reader? And no, this is not a reference to reading the nutritional information on your packet of noodles, those Facebook updates,...

Benefits Of Sleeping In A Cold Air Conditioned Environment

Did you know that sleeping in cold AC temp helps overall wellness? Know the physical and mental benefits from sleeping in the cooling comfort of your AC.

Influence Of The Mind On Health And Tips For Mental Detox

Our subconscious mind records all our experiences and their associated emotions, creating a montage of feelings we tap into whenever stimulated. Gain control over your mind to prevent mindless wandering of thoughts so that you can control your reactions to situations. Meditate to improve your focus and bring awareness to the present moment. Look for silver linings, forgive, and be honest with yourself.
Is It OK To Skip Breakfast?

Is It OK To Skip Breakfast?

Skipping breakfast does not cause muscle loss or regulate blood sugar levels or cause weight gain. Intermittent fasting is more effective than eating a calorie rich breakfast. Choose healthy options like eggs, avocado and sweet potato. Healthy breakfast eaters are leaner as breakfast keeps them active all day, helps burn more calories and improves concentration.
Yoga for Holiday Stress

10 Ways Yoga Practice Can Lessen Holiday Stress

Holiday season can stress you out so a dedicated Yoga practice can help you stay healthy and stress free, improve your concentration, keep your body toned, fit and flexible, maintain stable weight, maintain your mind-body connection, provide renewed energy, keep a positive outlook, sleep better and help you stay centred and grounded in the present moment.

Yoga For Kids: Manage Obesity And Improve Concentration

Yoga triggers kids to move, stay healthy and tackle obesity. It helps them control stress, stay relaxed and have a better approach to real life problems. Controlling breathing is a way in which they learn how to focus. It helps them improve their attention span. It helps children to stay relaxed, calm and patient through tough days.
Top 6 Foods To Aid Concentration

Top 6 Foods To Aid Concentration

Here are my top 6 foods that will help improve your concentration. 1. Any foods high in omega 3, such as oily fish (salmon, trout,...