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The Health Benefits Of Crying

We’ve all cried at some point or the other, for one reason or the other. Loss of a loved one, break-up with your love,...

9 Simple Rules of Communication With Elderly Parents

Remember all the disagreements you used to have with your parents when you were a teen? Sometimes it gets better when you grow older...
prepare-for-next-day:Ways New Moms Can Balance Work And Family

10 Ways New Moms Can Balance Work And Family

As a new mom, it is challenging to resume working post pregnancy. Even if it is not your first child, managing home, and work...

How Real-Time Reporting Of Cancer Records Is Saving Lives

The use of standardised electronic systems to report real-time, accurate, consistent cancer diagnosis to state's registry, is still a pilot project. This process would help take informed decisions and streamline the treatment procedure. Converting current system into Electronic Health Records and upgrading to Hospital Information Systems, are core necessities. This ensures security, easy accessibility, accuracy and speed.

Autism: Early Signs And Complementary Therapies

While the signs and symptoms of autism vary widely from person to person, few core telltale signs are difficulty in interacting socially with others or peers of same age, weak verbal/non verbal communication skills, and stereotyped or repetitive behaviors. Seeking art, music or swim therapy may greatly help your child learn, grow, and thrive.

5 Ways Journal Writing Keeps You Skinny, Sexy, Stress-Free!

Trying to drop those last 10 (or more) pounds? Or Feeling emotionally stuck? Here's how journal writing can help the body let go physically and emotionally.

The Must-Have Talk Expectant Parents Ought To Have

Expectant couples must take time to discuss the emotional side of labor. Try and understand behavioral patterns during stress and establish some ground rules. Women must discuss what calms them, what fears and concerns they possess during labor. Discuss issues such as who you want in the delivery room and what kind of matters help with bad situations.

What Are The Early Signs Of Alzheimer’s?

Early stages of Alzheimer's are generally symptom-free but internally it causes shrinkage of brain tissue. It begins with memory loss but other symptoms include confusion, insomnia, decreased motor skills, mood swings and social detachment. Getting frustrated with long talks, misplacing things and difficulty in understanding images could be silent indicators.
7 Ways To Live In The Present Moment

7 Ways To Live In The Present Moment

Watch a child play and recreate as you learn to enjoy the moment from them, listen to your favorite music and sing along concentrating on the harmony. Engage in meaningful conversations with loved ones, practice yoga concentrating on your breath. Put the past behind you, enjoy nature and engage yourself with food, bless it and enjoy it.
Facing Up To Bipolar Disorder The Ayurveda Way- QnA with Vasavi Kumar.

Facing Up To Bipolar Disorder The Ayurveda Way – QnA With Vasavi Kumar

Vasavi Kumar is the creative author of The Way of Ayurveda: Stop Dieting Start Living and the free quiz “What's Your Dosha.” An entrepreneur...
The Art of Change by Dr. Rick Kirschner

The Art of Change by Dr. Rick Kirschner

As a motivational speaker and communication skills trainer, Dr. RickKirschner delivers artful programs on Business, Relationships and Life that are ideal for your event.  In...