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7 Natural Painkillers That Are More Effective Than The Common Aspirin

Painkillers have been a matter of contention for a long time now, and not everyone feels safe using aspirin for every little ache and pain. Aspirin, also known...
Herbs that help you get rid of bad breath

6 Herbs That Help You Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in social situations. If your colleagues are keeping a safe distance from you...

4 Natural Aspirin Substitutes That Won’t Harm Your Stomach

Garlic can inhibit the progression of coronary artery calcification by stabilizing vulnerable plaque build-up along the artery walls, while boosting blood pressure and circulation. The presence of active compounds like curcumin in turmeric and eugenol in cloves has been shown to inhibit blood platelet-clotting while mustard oil has been shown to reduce overall bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood.

7 Herbs And Spices That Diabetics Should Take

Diabetes mellitus, or diabetes, refers to a group of metabolic disorders that affects your body's ability to use blood sugar. There are three main...
Breathe Easy With These 6 Home Remedies For Asthma

Breathe Easy With These 6 Home Remedies For Asthma

Not only is asthma treatment very expensive, but it also inflicts a lot of pain and fear on many people. However, with the help of some effective home remedies, we can not only save ourselves money, but also relieve ourselves from the symptoms. From drinking garlic and clove tea to massaging our chest with mustard oil to consuming plenty of onions – here are six of the most tried and tested asthma home remedies that actually work.

5 Natural Painkillers You Already Own

OTC painkillers are convenient, but they pose a risk for side effects like liver and kidney damage. Play it safe by using natural remedies when possible. Dealing with a headache or menstrual cramps? Turn to peppermint or ginger. Clove is great for toothaches, while garlic can treat headaches, migraines, and sciatica. Turmeric is amazing for arthritis, especially when combined with ginger. These natural painkillers can be used fresh or as capsules, powders, extracts, or teas.

7 Ingenious Ways Of Getting Rid Of That Stink From Your Shoes

Stinky shoes at the end of the day is the last thing you want to deal with. Wearing shoes is mandatory in our lives,...
Home Remedies For Pets)

Natural, Effective Home Remedies For Your Pet

If you are a pet-parent, who doesn’t just reach out to a vet for every small issue with your fur-ball’s health, and if you...

6 Effective Home Remedies For Sensitive Teeth

A sensitive tooth can be a real irritant, stopping you from eating your favorite food or eating anything peacefully. You will have to think...
10 Great Health Benefits Of Cloves

10 Great Health Benefits Of Cloves

Cloves are not just used for cooking but have been used for centuries in ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine to treat a variety of ailments. Cloves are antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and have anti-cancer properties. From promoting good bone and skin health and boosting immunity to fighting off cancer-causing free radicals and controlling diabetes, clove makes for a highly effective all-natural home remedy.

Causes And Natural Remedies For Treating Chronic Sinusitis

Paranasal sinuses are air-filled cavities in your skull (especially your facial bones) that connect with your nasal cavities. One of their main functions is...
herbs to remove intestinal parasites

8 Herbs That Kill Intestinal Parasites Naturally

Internal parasites can cause various digestive and intestinal problems. Here are 8 magic herbs that will help you get rid of these parasites naturally.

12 Natural Remedies That Can Replace Your Chemical Painkillers

The first instinct we get when we are in pain is to reach for those painkillers, be it your table-top aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol, etc....

12 Anti-Inflammatory Herbs For Aches and Pains

There are multiple little-known herbal cures that can help with inflammation in various diseases. Check out these 12 anti-inflammatory herbs for pains.

Natural Painkillers In Your Kitchen

Ajwain seeds: Pain caused due to bloating or indigestion. 1/2 tsp with a pinch of back salt and warm water. Ginger: Respiratory related pain like cough, asthma, bronchitis, etc. Powdered ginger mixed with sesame oil seeds can be used for joint pain and bone disorders. For more natural painkillers in your kitchen swipe left.