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Summer Style Guide For The Working Woman

“Easy breezy and protected” should be your mantra. Opt for semi-covered sandals that don't flap. Drape yourself in lightweight knee-length summer dresses. Shield yourself from the harsh sun with a good sunblock. Keep off junk food and eat healthy. Don't use perfumes, it isn't pleasant mixed with sweat. Apply silicone-based products and creamy foundations for makeup.
7 Natural Tips For Younger-Looking Neck And Chest Skin

7 Natural Home Remedies For Neck Wrinkles And Chest Skin

Chest and neck wrinkles are caused due to excessive sun exposure, ill-fitting clothing, sunbeds, wrong sleeping position and smoking. To avoid this extend your skincare routine to neck and chest as well, wear clothes made of natural fabric, stay hydrated, consume a balanced diet, quit smoking and indulge in sufficient physical activity.
5 Simple Tips To Setting Up Your Yoga Practice At Home

5 Simple Tips To Practice Yoga At Home

Begin by practicing Surya Namaskar for 15 mins a day. Decide which direction you will face on your mat, and place a candle or make a small alter at the front. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Respect your body and do yoga poses gently with a smile. Doing them fast will not bring faster results. It will only make the practice more difficult and painful.
Cleansing - Read This Book And Get A New Perspective.

Cleansing – Read This Book And Get A New Perspective.

I just finished reading the book Everything That Remains by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus. My friend Susan from Austin suggested it one day...
Auras And Their Role In Our Everyday Life

Auras And Their Role In Our Everyday Life

Understanding the Human Aura: The human aura is an energy field that surrounds the human body and reflects the subtle life energies at work within...