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7 Interesting Things Pregnant Women Do When Alone

When a pregnant woman is not worried, she turns weird. By weird, we mean the strange things that she loves to do when she...

Always Do These 5 Things After Sex

It matters what you do after sex. As soon as you’re done, head to the bathroom and urinate. This will flush out harmful bacteria and prevent urinary tract infections. You should also wipe yourself down to get rid of bacteria, odor, and sweat. Avoid slipping into the same underwear. Instead, reach for a clean cotton pair or go commando. Drinking water will also replace fluids lost through sweat. The next meal you eat, include probiotics to balance your vaginal bacteria

7 Common Clothing Mistakes To Be Avoided In Pregnancy

Maternity fashion is gaining attention around the globe. With female celebrities experimenting different styles and attires during their pregnancy, mothers have been inspired to...

10 Things You’ll Relate To Only If You’re An Older Sibling

There were a few glorious years of your life when you were the only child and everyone’s attention was always on you. Then your...

7 Things You Should Never Do To Your Vagina

Are you doing a good job of taking care of your vagina? Sure, you probably know the basics about keeping your vagina clean but...
C-section scar: 9 Effective Tips To Hasten Recovery After A C-Section

9 Effective Tips To Hasten Recovery After A C-Section

A Cesarean section, or a C-section, is a method of delivering babies that involves making a surgical incision in the abdomen and uterus of the...
workout motivation

7 Smart Ways To Get Workout Motivation

Encourage yourself to workout by doing a fun activity like dancing or kickboxing. Prepare your exercise clothes beforehand so it’s easy to get ready. Get yourself a workout buddy. Break down big resolutions into smaller tasks. Reward yourself every time you achieve something. Internet challenges and social media can also give you support and guidance.

Top 7 Tips to Wear Non-Maternity Clothes While Pregnant

Women feel excited about a wardrobe makeover after knowing about their pregnancy. The truth is—your body will undergo changes throughout pregnancy. So, the clothes...

10 Everyday Clothing Items That Are Silently Harming Your Immunity And Health

When looking at your closet or clothes, there are only a few things that may occur to you. This could be: doing laundry, how...

Do’s And Don’ts For A Happy Retail Therapy You Need To Know

We all have a solution to mend our broken heart and hurt feelings, we go online and make new friends, we go offline and...

12 Tips To Make Exercising A Habit

A fit and healthy body is every person's dream. But we all know how difficult it is to just make ourselves start working out! So instead of forcing yourself to workout, why not try and trick your body into exercising? It's a start! Follow these 12 easy steps and make your body workout throughout the day.

Managing Back Pain While On A Vacation

Back Pain affects your mobility and overall quality of life. When on a vacation, it becomes annoyingly intrusive. Managing it by keeping a check on your posture, seating position is the primary solution. Ensuring enough movement and not being seated for long time, using hot/cold packs, taking rest, diverting yourself away from pain, help keeping the pain at bay.

10 Things You Should Do To Feel Happy With Yourself

Let go of your mistakes, be optimistic, and laugh out loud with chums who get you. Eat well, work out, pamper yourself, wear stuff that make you feel pretty, and do what you love, be it reading or talking to a friend. You're the priority. Be proud of your achievements. Dream big. And every time you look in the mirror, say "I love you," because if you love yourself, the world will too.

Is Wearing Tight Clothes Bad For Your Health?

Skin tight bottoms may constrict pelvic nerves causing tingling, numbness, and burning in the thighs with the risk of permanent nerve damage. They may also restrict motion of the hip, spine, and knees. Tight undergarments (bras, briefs, corsets) may increase risk of infertility, testicular and breast cancers, and candidiasis. Slide into comfortable clothing that aren’t two sizes too small.

Which Sunscreen Should You Use To Keep Cancer At Bay?

UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin than UVB rays, causing even more harm. Use sunscreens containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that block both types of rays. Don long-sleeved clothes, sunglasses, and hats for extra protection. Eat antioxidant-rich fruits to neutralize cancer-causing free radicals. Avoid sunscreens containing parabens, oxybenzone, retinyl palmitate, and artificial fragrance.