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13 Possible Health Benefits Of Cilantro Or Coriander Leaves

Cilantro or coriander leaves, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, protect the heart and the liver by scavenging free radicals, manage diabetes, and show anticancer activity. Acting against microbes, they can prevent food poisoning and yeast infections and help resolve indigestion, flatulence, and diarrhea by improving gastric functions.

6 Healing Herbs You Can Grow At Home

Herbs have several medicinal benefits, making them a good addition to a garden. Pot marigold relieves cramps and heals cuts, bruises, and infections. Holy basil prevents infections, alleviates stress, and protects the kidneys and liver. Cilantro improves digestion and alleviates anxiety. Lavender and lemon balm improve memory, alleviate anxiety, and cure insomnia. Peppermint relieves headaches and improves the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and acid reflux.

7 DIY Natural Face Packs For Gorgeous Skin

A woman’s face is probably the most-cared-for part of her body. The treatment options available for the innumerable skin conditions and the cosmetic procedures involved are simply mind-boggling. Not to mention the cost of these treatments. Most such treatments don’t really cure the problem but just mask them. Certain home-made face masks prepared using natural ingredients can actually make your skin look younger and more beautiful.
: Health benefits of common herbs

8 Common Herbs And Their Amazing Health Benefits

Herbs are tiny powerhouses of nutritional benefits. But it isn’t just exotic herbs with unpronounceable names that have an astonishing effect on your health....

4 Simple Ways To Use Cilantro For Your Skincare Regime

Cilantro is high in vitamin C, an antioxidant that fights off damage-causing free radicals. It is this same property that helps prevent the oxidation of oil produced by the skin, which, in turn, is very useful in treating blackheads. Vitamin C is also a collagen-booster, making cilantro useful in reviving aging skin while the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of cilantro make it a potent remedy for acne.

6 Ingenious Ways Of Treating Swollen Eyelids

Swollen eyelids can be a difficult problem to deal with sometimes. It can change the complete dimension of your face when you wake up...

Have Magnesium Deficiency? Use These 5 Herbs

Many Americans don’t get enough magnesium. To avoid deficiency, eat magnesium-rich foods like nuts and leafy greens. You can also add herbs like thyme, basil, cilantro, dill, and sage for a boost. These plants won’t cure the deficiency, but they’ll increase intake in small doses. Not sure if your magnesium levels are low? Visit the doctor and get a blood test. Early magnesium signs include nausea, muscle cramps, and abnormal heart rhythm but can easily be mistaken for other conditions.

Beat Indigestion With These Common Kitchen Ingredients

Indigestion is a common problem that can cause painful symptoms like acid reflux and heartburn, but can be treated easily with the help of common kitchen ingredients. Baking soda and apple cider vinegar help neutralize stomach acids, while coriander seeds help detoxify your liver. You can also try eating ripe bananas, or drinking some peppermint or fennel tea to help soothe painful muscle spasms in the intestines.
Home remedies can be used to regulate hormonal imbalance and irregular periods

8 Home Remedies To Tackle Irregular Periods Naturally

Has your menstrual cycle altered its usual pattern and appeared unannounced, either before or after the expected date? This need not be a reason...

10 Common Ailments And Their Natural Cures

Natural remedies and alternative medicine find great use for a variety of ailments. Acne can be treated quite effectively using turmeric root, cuts and wounds with honey and cinnamon, internal bleeding with cabbage juice, and burns with aloe vera gel or honey. Both boils and bad breath are addressed using betel leaves in different ways. Everyday rashes can be reduced with cilantro paste and ginger and honey work on respiratory issues.

Amazing Benefits Of Poha That Can Elevate Your Productivity

Poha is a snack that is made from uncooked basmati rice and is more commonly known as flattened rice that helps to give you the good nutrition. It can be prepared quickly and topped with all the veggies and other healthy ingredients of your choice. Some of the benefits of poha include it being rich in iron, good for the heart, low in gluten, and reducing the risk of heart problems.

Treat Type 2 Diabetes And High Cholesterol With Ayurveda

Did you know you could treat type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol at home? Ayurvedic remedies like cinnamon, fenugreek seeds, bitter melon juice, coriander seeds, and Indian gooseberries are great options. If you're looking to use cinnamon, simply heat water with 3–4 tbsp of cinnamon powder for about 20 minutes. Strain, cool, and drink this water to ease type 2 diabetes symptoms and reduce cholesterol levels.
Natural Remedies For Canker Sores

7 Natural Remedies To Heal Canker Sores

Canker sores are small lesions on the insides of your mouth, lips and sometimes even your tongue. They’re also known as ulcers and look...
Flowers can be delectable too

10 Flowers You Should Add To Your Diet Now

Flowers are the proof of nature’s refined aesthetic sense. Flowers have the ability to soothe, not only our ophthalmic and olfactory senses; but it...

Home Remedies For Watery Eyes

Watery eye, or epiphora, is the excess flow of tears. It is one of the most common ocular complaints among patients consulting ophthalmology clinics....