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Ayurveda Can Help Support A New Mother's Needs

How Ayurveda Can Help Support A New Mother’s Needs

A mother feels exhausted, depleted, and tired after childbirth. Ayurveda recommends 6 weeks rest after a child birth. Prolonged discomfort, depression, and lack of recovery can cause fatigue, stress, hemorrhoids, irritability, depression and digestive problems resulting in chronic health problems later. Healthy fresh cooked meals, clean and positive environment, a good warm oil massage, and belly wrapping to restore organs and muscles can help a new mother.
What Every Person Should Know About Kids & Yoga_The Benefits of Kids Practicing Yoga

What Every Person Should Know About Kids & Yoga: The Benefits of Kids...

Do Kids Undergo Stress? As parents, one of our most important goals is to help our children grow up to become healthy, happy and productive...
Six immune- boosting foods to include in your child’s diet this winter

Six Immune-Boosting Foods To Include In Your Child’s Diet This Winter

Winter is upon us and unfortunately so is the cold and flu season. For many parents the winter months can seem like and endless...
10 Lessons for healthy eating for kids

10 Lessons in healthy eating for kids

A decline in physical activity, coupled with eating too much, too often is the simple explanation for the rise in childhood obesity. Prevention is...