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The Prevalence Of Pneumococcal Pneumonia In The Elderly

We are constantly fighting against so many diseases that a few of them can fall through the cracks. Pneumococcal pneumonia is one such disease...

Why Women With MS Feel Better When They’re Carrying

It has always been known that women with multiple sclerosis feel better and experience fewer relapses than women who do not have the condition....

Pros And Cons Of Labeling Children With Psychiatric Disorders

When a child is diagnosed with a learning disorder, he is given a certain psychiatric label. This could prompt schools to offer necessary help towards the development of the child. Additionally, it drives researchers and professionals to find appropriate treatment resources. However, labels cause people focus on just the diagnosis and not the child's individual needs. It also increases the risk of a misdiagnosis, causes stigmatization, and often relies on medications that have harmful side-effects.

Everything You Need To Know About Infant Sleep Apnea

Breathing disorders in babies often worry moms and infant sleep apnea is one of them. As the name indicates, it is a sleep-related breathing...

7 Simple And Easy Alternative Uses Of Olive Oil

You can use extra virgin olive oil to remove your makeup and moisturize your skin. Any type of olive oil can also be used to polish your furniture and shoes. Because of its anti-inflammatory features, olive oil can help treat a diaper rash and it acts as a protective barrier against rashes and infections. Only use extra virgin oil for skin-related issues.

5 Myths About Sleep You Need To Stop Believing

The myths about sleeping may be dangerous if believed as it gives wrong information about how the body functions. Now that scientific study has been used to get to the bottom of these myths, it's important that you know what practices are bad and what are good when it comes to sleeping. One such myth is the belief that you can skip sleeping properly in the weekdays and make up for it with extra sleep on the weekends.

5 Top Newborn Problems And Know How to Deal Them

Every mom is worried about their baby’s well being, especially during the first few days after childbirth. Even a slight change seen in their...

How To Potty Train Your Kid: Toilet Training Tips For Toddlers

It is important to initiate potty training when your child is developmentally ready. Make them an active participant in the training process and allow them to learn at their own pace. A consistent training schedule, tons of praise and rewards, and lots of patience and positivity are key to successful potty training. Also be sure to never admonish your child if they have an accident.

Study: Taking Folic Acid In Late Pregnancy May Increase Childhood Allergy Risk

Every pregnant woman knows the significance of folic acid during pregnancy. It is often recommended that women should take folic acid every day starting...

An Insight Into The Possible Dangers Of GMO Soy

Genetically modified foods are steeped in controversy, owing to the studies that link them to health disorders. GMO soy is one such food that is found in the ingredients' lists of most products. Studies state that GMO soy worsens allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. It is also believed to slow down metabolism and disrupt liver functioning. Further studies state that GMO soy consumption leads to infant mortality. It might also increase the risk of cancer.

White Noise: The Lullaby That Can Put You To Sleep

White noise is a blessing for light sleepers as it masks any external noise that could be disturbing your sleep. White noise uses different frequencies and can be anything from the sound of the ceiling fan to outdoor natural sounds. If natural sounds are not an option, purchase machines or use apps that provide you a choice of white noises. Use with caution for babies.

3 Sleep Problems In Children That Call For Special Education

In children, sleep disorders might seem temporary. But, a recent study published in the Amercian Academy of Pediatrics concluded that sleep disorders until the age of 5 in children, cause special education needs when they are 8. Mouth breathing impairs learning abilities and memory. Snoring causes behavioral and cognitive complications. Obstructive sleep apnea leads to problems with language, memory, and learning. Early diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders can prevent any harmful outcomes.
Breastfeeding is healthy and natural

The Struggles Of Breastfeeding A Newborn And What You Can Do About Them

When you are pregnant, you may feel that it is one of the most beautiful and one of the most challenging phases of your...

Is Co-Sleeping Good For Your Baby?

Sharing your bed with your baby, or co-sleeping is a topic that has attracted a lot of attention due to the dangers associated with it. However, when practiced in a safe manner can benefit your baby. Co-sleeping can comfort your baby, improve his or her health, promote the baby's safety and make your baby more independent. Sleeping in close proximity of the baby also allow the mother to sleep better.

Answering 4 Common Toddler Sleep Questions

Toddlers' sleeping habits baffle most young parents. If your baby wakes up at night, he might be hungry or sick. He could also be feeling too hot or cold. Toddlers might get hurt while asleep so put them on their backs and keep pets out of their room. Cradle and rock your child or give them a warm bath to help them sleep. Shift to a bed if your toddler is 35 inches tall.