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natural remedies to treat shingles

10 Natural Remedies To Deal With Shingles At Home

Various natural remedies are available to tackle the symptoms of shingles. Try a neem leaf poultice, apple cider vinegar compress, or fuller’s earth poultice to deal with blisters. Calendula oil or honey can also help. Use a calamine lotion or baking soda solution to ease itching and soothe your skin. Or add chamomile or colloidal oats to your bathwater. Applying a licorice tea or capsaicin ointment may help with pain and inflammation.

5 Common Rashes And What To Do About Them

Rashes aren’t normal, so don’t ignore them. Hives mean that you’re allergic to food, plants, bug bites, or toiletries. Take an anti-histamine, especially if you have other symptoms. A sunburn is caused by overexposure to ultraviolet radiation, while a heat rash is caused by blocked sweat glands. If you have eczema, triggers like sweat or perfume can cause an outbreak. And shingles is caused by the same virus as chickenpox, which resurfaces decades later.
Skin problems are quite common in adults

10 Skin Problems Adults Commonly Face

Skin problems in adults are problematic and annoying to deal with. These skin problems include psoriasis, hives, shingles, athlete's foot, sunburns, rosacea, eczema, groin rash, cold sores, and acne. Symptoms of these disorders are very similar, which makes it hard to diagnose which symptoms fit the right disorder. They could be rashes, bumps, pimples, or red patches on the skin. The treatment for some of the conditions includes medication, both topical and oral and being hygienic in general.

4 Complications Of Ibuprofen For Kids With Chicken Pox

Chickenpox is a highly contagious viral infection common in children who have not been vaccinated. It is caused by the varicella zoster virus. It begins as an itchy rash of small red bumps on the scalp that spread to the stomach or the back before spreading to the face. These symptoms can vary from person to person. When infected, your child may run a high temperature and can be prescribed ibuprofen. However, experts don't recommend using ibuprofen due to its adverse effects.
Nerve pain and damage can be caused due to a variety of reasons

6 Causes Of Nerve Damage And Pain

Nerve pain is known to drive people into depression. The chronic pain, inflammation and a burning sensation can make people quite helpless. There are several causes and associate treatments for nerve pain. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes nerve tingling which can be relieved with supplementation. Herpes zoster cause shingles, and the associated nerve pain can only be managed through morphine. Nerve compression due to bad posture can cause a severe burning sensation, and this requires posture correction and exercise.

Red, Itchy Bumps On Skin – Causes And Home Remedies

Itch is a sensation that causes the desire or reflex to scratch. In some cases this sensation is harmless; however, it can also be a...
home remedies for chickenpox

10 Home Remedies To Treat Chickenpox Naturally

Add a spoonful of baking soda, finely ground oats, dried chamomile flowers, or neem leaves to a lukewarm bath and soak to soothe itchy skin. Try dabbing a little calamine solution, diluted apple cider vinegar, or honey on affected parts with a clean cotton swab. Equally beneficial can be topical application of calendula oil and grindelia (gum weed) in liquid form.
Which Home Remedies Can Help Reduce Chicken Pox Scars?

Which Home Remedies Help Reduce Chickenpox Scars?

Neem and Tulsi prevent infections. Neem also increases blood flow and aids wound healing. Honey enhances epithelialization and minimizes scar formation. Lemon juice boosts collagen production and repairs skin damage. Oatmeal reduces itching. Aloe Vera lightens scars and reduces burning sensation. Rosa Mosqueta encourages cell regeneration.