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How To Tell If Fruits Are Ripe Before You Buy Them

How To Tell If The Fruit You’re Buying Is Ripe

Fruits are remarkably deceptive things. You might bite into a perfectly yellow banana only to realize it’s hard and sour. If you’ve had a...

5 Foods To Have Instead Of Pain Medications

Having to deal with chronic pain can be difficult. And, although pain medications provide temporary relief, they have side effects. Eat tart cherries to decrease inflammation and pain. Replace NSAIDs with ginger to relieve pain without side effects. Try spinach to reduce pain caused by arthritis and peptic ulcer. Sip on peppermint tea to relieve headaches, muscle pain, and pain caused by irritable bowel syndrome. Lastly, if you have arthritis, eat omega 3 rich foods.
(Some food reduce uric acid levels and some increase it

10 Foods That Keep Your Uric Acid Levels In Check

If the uric acid levels in your bloodstream are too high, it can lead to a common form of arthritis called gout. You need...
How to treat gout at home.

How To Prevent And Treat Gout At Home

Gout can cause inflammation, redness, swelling and intense pain, especially in the big toe. In order to prevent and treat gout, it is important to include food, such as celery, cherries, juniper, and bananas in your diet. Avoiding alcohol and seafood can also go a long way in preventing gout. If you live in an area with cold climate, remember to keep your feet warm and dry.
7 Red Foods You Should Add To Your Diet Today

7 Red Foods You Should Add To Your Diet Today

Strawberries can reduce birth defects because of folate and can protect the body from diseases due to its antioxidants. Fiber-rich cherries promote a healthy weight. Lycopene-rich tomatoes can prevent prostate cancer. Raspberries can treat inflammatory diseases due to its antioxidants. Watermelons can keep the skin healthy. Red peppers protect the immune system due to vitamins A and C. Cranberry juice can treat urinary tract infections.
Foods For Better Sleep

7 Foods To Eat Your Way To A Good Night’s Sleep

We do a dozen things in our quest to live a long, healthy life but often forget the most important bit: to do nothing...

7 Fruit Trees You Can Grow At Home

If you do not have space for a huge garden, convert the spaces you have into a little oasis. You can grow almost any plant anywhere, provided you can give it all the love and attention it wants. Flowers, vegetables, fruits - the options are many. Apples, passion fruit, pomegranates, limes, and cherries can all be grown in a balcony garden with adequate care and nutrition.

5 Medicinal Plants The Native Americans Used On A Daily Basis

Native Americans were people of the earth and the sky who roamed across the vast mountains and plains of America. They did not set...
Foods That Help Boost Your Brain Health

Foods That Help Boost Your Brain Health

Blueberries improve learning capacity and motor skills. Cherries are rich in anthocyanins and improve blood flow to the brain. Avocados prevent blood clots in the brain as well as improve cognitive functions, especially concentration and memory. Spinach qualifies as a brain food because it contains antioxidants and phytochemicals that help improve blood flow. Flax seeds are essential for brain development, function, and concentration. Dark chocolate can help in improving blood flow to the brain.

10 Nutritious Edible Wild Plants

Exploring eatable herbs in the wild can be a fascinating activity. It is practically not possible to discover an area on earth that is...

6 Foods That Can Cause Chronic Pain And 6 That Can Alleviate It

Are you suffering from chronic pain? Making dietary changes helps you inhibit chronic pain to a great extent. Identify foods that rile up your pain and foods that fight it. Gluten, red meat, milk, and eggs may contribute to your pain. The anti-inflammatory and the antioxidant properties of a few foods such as green leafy vegetables, ginger, and turmeric will alleviate your pain.
benefits of eating cherries

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Cherries

Cherries, both sweet and sour, have promising health benefits. They are rich in anthocyanins, a special kind of flavonoids that give them an edge over other fruits in fighting inflammation and a host of diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes. Cherries are also found to be good in boosting brain health because of anthocyanins exhibiting anti-neurodegenerative properties.

8 Essential Tips For Bouncing Back After Your Workouts

Drink 7-10oz of water every 20 mins during your workout. Roll up for a quick, protein-rich post-workout meal that includes fish, lean meat, eggs, beans, tofu; pair it up with fast-digesting carbs like white bread or fruits. Supplement your diet with anti-inflammatory foods like salmon, cherries, blueberries to relieve muscle soreness and help speed up recovery time.
herbs to dissolve uric acid

7 Powerful Herbs To Dissolve Uric Acid Naturally

Right now, gout affects 4% of the total U.S population. And it is still rising, owing to the growing numbers of obesity and high...

Natural Food Remedies For Instant Relief From Headaches

In a world of deadlines, late nights, annoying bosses, traffic jams, weird sleep schedules and constantly being on the move, we are all dealing with...