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6 Beauty Benefits Of Ginger For Your Skin And Hair

Ginger has enjoyed a cult-like status as a natural remedy. From ancient Chinese scriptures to traditional Ayurvedic practices, ginger is mentioned everywhere. And for good...

Do These 5 Exercises And Bid Farewell To Butt Cellulite

Affecting a majority of women, cellulite is the mattress-like, dimpled appearance of your skin in certain areas of the body. To reduce the visibility of cellulite on your butt, perform exercises that tone your butt muscles and tighten your glutes. The chair pose, kick-back squats, lunges, toe-taps, and step-ups are some of the exercises that are sure to help you get rid of butt cellulite.

Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Cellulite Naturally

Cellulite is caused by fat cells that protrude into the outer layer of skin. Dehydration, unhealthy diets, and lack of exercise contribute to the formation of cellulite. To reduce cellulite, massage the area with coffee grounds or apple cider vinegar. Even dry brushing your skin will remove cellulite! Also, remember to eat a wholesome diet, drink enough water, and get enough exercise to prevent cellulite formation.
ways to get rid of cellulite naturally

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Naturally

Beat cellulite through your diet by avoiding inflammatory foods like sugar and trans fats, reducing salt intake, and cutting out preservatives. Eat plenty of fresh foods, drink pomegranate juice, and add ginger, cinnamon, or turmeric to your meals for a spicy anti-inflammatory hit. Kick-start that circulation with a regular exercise routine. And reward yourself with a cellulite-busting massage or a relaxing hydrotherapy bath.

All About Cellulite And What To Do About It

Cellulite affects 80 to 90 percent of females. Age plays a big role, as getting older and menopause decreases estrogen. This reduces production of collagen, a protein needed for strong skin. Plus, compared to men, women have more fat and thinner skin. This makes it easy for fat to collect under the skin, causing dimpling. To make it less noticeable, eat antioxidants and drink green tea.
Everything You Need To Know About Dry Brushing

Everything You Need To Know About Dry Brushing

From skin detox and healthy blood circulation to clear, glowing skin and lymphatic system support – there are a number of benefits to brushing your skin with a dry brush before showering. As a good rule of thumb, always brush toward the center of the body, using a natural bristled brush and the right brushing technique! This will help speed up the process of draining of waste into the lymph nodes.
Some products are redundant and ineffective.

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Essential Oils That Reduce Cellulite Naturally

15 Essential Oils That Reduce Cellulite Naturally

Grapefruit essential oil reduces fat accumulation underneath the skin. It can be used with other vegetable oils. Citrus oils, rosemary oil, juniper oil, cinnamon, and geranium essential oil enhances blood circulation and helps in reducing cellulite. Fennel oil is also used in anti-cellulite massage oil. Consult doctor if you are pregnant and breastfeeding before using any of these.

7 Benefits Of Dead Sea Mud Masks

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7 Natural Ingredients To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Caused due to changes in the circulatory and lymphatic systems, cellulite looks like dimpled or bumpy skin. All natural ingredients like ginger, horse chestnut, gotu kola, ginkgo ciloba, dandelion, grape seed are well-known for their ability to flush cellulite by aiding blood flow. Equally beneficial is a mix of 1/3c coffee grounds, 2T olive oil, 1 egg white, when applied topically.

15 Best Essential Oils For Dissolving Cellulite & How To Use Them

Cellulite is a combination of misshapen fat tissues and toxins. It causes dimpling on the skin around the lower part of the body, such...

Essential Oils: Skincare Must-Haves For Men And Women

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Natural Ways To Melt That Stubborn Cellulite

Do you feel self-conscious wearing a bathing suit or shorts? Are you always trying to cover up your lumpy, dimpled skin? Cellulite can be...

Cranberry Isn’t Just For Detox And Weight Loss

Cranberries are rich in Vit A, B1, B2, and its proanthocyanidins remove blockages in the lymphatic system. This aids in the regular drainage of fat, fluid and toxins from your tissues. This reduces cellulite and water weight. Its abundant antioxidants help the liver in the detox process. Mix 1oz 100% unsweetend cranberry juice with 7oz water for a great cran-water drink.

Cellulite Reduction Tool Box – 13 Ways To Banish Cellulite

Dry skin brushing stimulates the lymph system and increases oxygen supply to cellulite areas. Drinking green tea, Rose hip tea, kombucha or lemon tea triggers the detox process. Hydration helps in flushing away toxins. Massage and cupping stimulate and increase microcirculation under the skin. Squats, lunges and leg presses reduce the visible signs of cellulite.