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Home remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome include using a wrist splint.

9 Natural Remedies To Tackle Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Wearing a wrist splint and avoiding activities that overuse the wrist can help if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. So can hand exercises, yoga, massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, and acupuncture. Meanwhile, ginger and turmeric may help ease pain when used topically or consumed.

Sweating: How Much Is Too Much?

Do you sweat excessively? Even when others around you aren’t? And is excessive sweating making you self-conscious? Let’s get to the root of why...

10 Symptoms Of A Sluggish Thyroid And Its Natural Remedies

A sluggish or underactive thyroid is tough to diagnose and treat as its symptoms are quite vague and common to other health issues. The symptoms include depression, brain fog, carpal tunnel syndrome, high cholesterol, weight gain, indigestion, fatigue, and menstrual issues. To help with the treatment, avoid stress, gluten, and carbs and take probiotics, healthy fats, and iodine supplements. Most of all, live an active, healthy life and build up your immunity.

13 Facts About Childbirth For Indian Women

Motherhood is far from the perfect, effortless, and cool mothers as portrayed in pop culture. Motherhood, as we all know, is a feat accompanied...
Waking Up With Numb Hands

Waking Up With Numb Hands: Causes And Treatments

Numbness in the hands is a fairly common issue and usually one we ignore. Your hand may be numb right after you wake up simply because you've put too much pressure on it while sleeping. Sometimes, however, numbness in the hands may be a symptom of chronic conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome or diabetes. A host of other conditions such as systemic diseases and medication can also cause numbness in hands. It is important to find and address the underlying cause of the condition.

5 Fun Fall Yoga Poses To Do With Your Kids

Fall is a season of transformation and also a great time to do yoga outside. Not to mention, the immense fun you will have doing it along with your kids! Follow these 5 simple and fun yoga poses that will create a deep interpersonal connection with your kids.
10 Conscious Risks You Can Take For New Self

10 Conscious Risks You Can Take For New Self-Wisdom

Taking conscious risks can be a powerful catalyst for inner change. Face your fears and take a risk of saying "no" to the silent demands of others. Take the lead to find your own way. To make this self liberating discovery, stop defending yourself, take a risk of leaving empty spaces in your life remain empty, learn to let go, face rejections and bear your own burdens.
Should I Cut Down On My Video Game Habit?

Should I Cut Down On My Video Game Habit?

You are addicted if you cannot control time spent, always talk or think about gaming, experience withdrawal or denial symptoms and use it to escape emotional problems. It can heighten aggressive behavior, lead to social isolation, affect joints in the neck, back and shoulder, disturb sleep and verbal cognition. Moderate use can improve problem solving skills.
4 Top Causes Of Career Threatening Elbow Pain

4 Top Causes Of Career Threatening Elbow Pain

Epicondylitis- Tendon damage causes pain from elbow to wrist on underside of forearm. Bursitis - Irritation to the olecranon bursa causes inflammation and extra fluid built up in elbow joint. Cubital tunnel syndrome – caused when ulnar nerve is compressed or irritated. Arthritis - due to wear and tear of bone cartilage and cushioning between joints.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- Causes And Treatments

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- Causes And Treatments.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a common condition that can affect anyone who repetitively uses his or her forearms and...
Yoga for Arthritis & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Yoga for Arthritis & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  Yoga Jellies are a new prop for yogis with arthritis, carpal tunnel, wrist pain and as a preventative measure! This cool new yoga prop might...

Is Your Computer Usage Causing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Not Really

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Carpus, derived from the Greek word karpos, means "wrist". The wrist is surrounded by a band of fibrous tissue that...